Wokeism is nothing but rebranded secular Christianity.

 The vast majority of what passes for the woke leftist ideology in modern Western society is nothing but rebranded secular Christianity. They've simply taken the Christian ideology, removed all spiritual references to God and Jesus, and repackaged it as a new pseudo-religious philosophy. Taking a good look at these modern woke/leftist ideals, it is quite revealing to see the extent to which it mirrors Christianity (and other Abrahamic religions) quite closely. I would say it borrows ALL of the worst aspects of Christianity, but also utilizing many other toxic properties of other religions as well, as you say. The concept of 'performative faith' is a hallmark of all of the major Abrahamic religions, and is a key component of Wokeism.

  • It has its "original sin" of "whiteness", which can be forgiven after much flagellation and for which one must eternally atone. As is true with any good religion, repentance for your "sins" is essential (especially the ones you can never be forgiven for).

  • A Christian achieves salvation by being "born again" while the secular becomes "woke"

  • Wokeism means accepting that the world is an unfair place and that we should work to make it more equal while Christianity means accepting that the world is an unfair place and that we should work to make it more equal and bring everyone to Jesus.

  • It has its pastoral class (psychologists) and prophets (such as academics, journalists, influencers, etc) who operate as moral arbiters and who outline doctrine and preach from their "altar" of media broadcasts and Twitter feeds.

  • It has its ultimate "heretical" sins that are forbidden above all others, of saying something "sexist" or "racist"

  • It permits the shaming, dehumanization and ostracization of those who engage in such heretical behavior and those non-compliant with doctrine

  • It has its "devils" and "demons", such as "KluKlxKln" riders and goose-stepping Nazzis, who are lurking behind every corner.

  • It has its "doomsday" prophecies ("Climate Change"), akin to Revelations, even referencing specific years, with many of its "prophets" often speaking about how believers can be saved if they follow their doctrine (reducing the carbon footprint)

  • It has its mechanism for "ex-communication" from the faith, via "cancel culture"

  • It encourages and engages in the evangelical proselytizing of its ideology to all non-believers and those untouched by "the Word" (Diversity Equity and Inclusion), even engaging in what could be described as "missionary work" to spread their message. Children in schools are their particularly favorite target.

  • It tirelessly works to insert itself into every facet of society, from our personal lives, to our work lives, to government and public policy, especially in realms they feel they have not yet "conquered" by their message.

  • It has its obedient and compliant disciples in Hollywood making sure that every piece of media produced is imbued with the proper "message" and "ideological lessons" for us all to enthusiastically consume, lest we ever forget the "good word".

  • It has its class of "sacralized" peoples who are beyond any reproach, all while embodying the classic Christian ideal of "blessed be the meek".

  • It contains within it a "savior" mentality, where, if doctrine is followed, you can "save" those less fortunate and usher in a perfect utopia

  • It has its concept of "food purity" laws (akin to the many Abrahamic food purity laws), where the most devout believers ensure that everything they consume is "natural" and "pure" and "organic"

  • It actively dismisses any science that conflicts with its doctrine, such as biological sex in the manner that Christianity opposes evolutionary biology

  • Like most devout religious sects, they work to make themselves easily identifiable amongst the general public, adopting a particular way to dress, wear their hair and accessories to carry that lets everyone around them know who they are and what their "political" religion is.

  • It has its forbidden "blasphemous" words, that when said, will unleash all wrath and fury upon the speaker [and I think we know what all these words are]

...it is quite ironic to me that people who, on one hand, proclaim how anti-religious they are so quickly and enthusiastically engage in pseudo-religious non-rational dogmatic thinking and action.