Was Christianity the "woke" movement of the Ancient Rome?

 Imagine you are a simple Roman, a rural Roman per se. When you are young you hear of stories like Julius Caesar who conquered for the Glory of Rome, of Scipio Africanus, and of all other Roman heroes. Then you entered the city of Rome itself. There was Colosseum where gladiator fights happen, the school of warrior philosophy and stoicism are there thriving and raising new patriotic Romans. It was not perfect, but it was the Rome that your fathers and forefathers fought for.

Then as you grow up, you heard something is changing in the City of Rome, the Capital, itself. You entered Rome again. You are surprised as you saw those blonde beasts from Gaul, Carthaginians spreading their ideology everywhere, then there are the Judeans with their magic book! Spreading discontent, encouraging subversiveness! Elevating the slaves while hating the warriors! Then there are also the Germans there! All of these people wandering the streets of Rome were the same ones that your father and forefathers conquered, what the hell are they doing there!?

Then, of course there are the Christians. The Christians who side with everything that is not Roman! The Christians who spread their ideology upon everyone that is against Rome, against her heroes, and against the blood of your ancestors. Then there is this man called Tertullian, a Carthaginian! Sowing discontent and spreading the scriptures of the Judeans!

The Roman Aristocrats, meanwhile, got lazy. They imported more and more foreign slaves. The Manichean, the Gnostics and the followers of Goddess Isis, elevating all that is feminine above the old manly gods now were enlivened with joy! More soldiers, more converts, and more people for the movement!

These mass of slaves soon began to convert to "Christianity". Then those slaves were allied by the middle-class and upper-class nobility. Those scumbag arrogant citizens who did not even served at the front prefering to use lower class germans for the army. Those middle class and upper class citizens who hate Rome and the idea of Rome! Especially those of upper class, childless, degenerate noble women who hate their own Roman Gods! Jupiter and Mars were too masculine, too much of a warrior! These muscular beings were too "toxic"! Not enough effeminate qualities! But not that Man from Nazarene! That Man from Nazarene will surely receive my love! Unlike my Father and his gods!

And after that, as the slaves and the middle class and the aristocrats became Christians, they started to turn their eyes on you. You do not conform! You should conform! Therefore they created a term for you. They called you, "Pagan"! A rustic, backward, country redneck! Every time you strike a conversation with them, they call you a savage, intolerant, backwards! As if believing in the faith of your ancestors makes you less of a human.

Now you have the gist of an ancient Roman and his view of Christianity.

Nietzsche's criticism of Christianity, out of all the atheists, is the only one that is worth considering since he does not appeal to any modernist liberal ideas.