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My Gladstone Issues a Public Call For Kobylski Response to Allegations.

This pontificating lil rock calls upon Smithville Alderwoman Candidate Kelly Kobylski to issue an admittance or public denial of the recent allegation asserting that she failed to fulfill her property tax obligations in both 2022 and 2023. Because a refusal to deny any allegation can only mean one thing. Despite the fact that the allegation first came to us 5 days ago and was reported within the pages of this rocky blog, Ms. Kobylski has refused to respond. We invited her to provide context to provide her side of the story and we were met with silence. It is imperative that Ms. Kobylski clarify her stance on this matter to uphold transparency and trust within our community.

Former Smithville Alderwoman Kelly Kobylski, a hopeful contender for Ward 1, finds herself embroiled in controversy due to her significant delinquency on property taxes for the years 2022 and 2023. What makes this situation particularly egregious is Kobylski's involvement in a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Committee, where she played a role in abating taxes for a local business entity. Kelly Kobylski was first elected to the Smithville City Council in April of 2021 and is seeking reelection.

The intricacies of this situation unravel when scrutinizing Kobylski's involvement in the TIF Committee, which was tasked with providing tax relief to 110 Smithville LLC, a company seeking abatement on their personal property taxes. Kobylski, during her tenure on this committee, was expected to uphold the highest standards of fiscal responsibility and ethical conduct. However, recent allegations reveal a glaring inconsistency: while advocating for tax relief for others, Kobylski was neglecting her own tax obligations.

Alderwoman Kelly Kobylski
The crux of the matter lies in Kobylski's alleged failure to fulfill her tax responsibilities concerning her property on Main Street in Smithville, MO. Reports indicate that Kobylski owes over $7,000 in delinquent taxes spanning the years 2022 and 2023. This allegation not only raises questions about Kobylski's financial management but also calls into question her suitability for public office. My Gladstone made attempts on 2/5 and 2/6 to reach Ms. Kobylski for comment but the candidate has yet to respond.

Alderwoman Candidate Under Scrutiny for Allegedly Misrepresenting Business License on COVID Relief Application

In a recent development, controversy has arisen around Mayor Damien Boley's approval of former alderwoman Kelly Kobylski's business license as it pertains to an application for a Cares Act business loan grant for COVID relief back in June 2020. The issue revolves around discrepancies regarding the status of her business license for a Montessori School she operated which has since been closed down, prompting questions about the accuracy of her application. Kobylski is running for reelection.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Kobylski stated on her Covid Relief application form that she possessed a business license issued by the City of Smithville for the year 2020. However, investigations have revealed that the business license in question was not issued and signed by Mayor Boley until 2024 more than four years after the time indicated on Kobylski's application. Kelly applied for a Cares Act business loan grant for covid relief in June of 2020 and stated to the best of her knowledge that she had a business license in 2020 issued from the City of Smithville on the application form. However, her business license granted from Smithville for 2020 was not signed by Mayor Boley and granted until 2024, suggesting she operated her business without a valid license. If Kobylski did not receive the license until 2024, was she lying when she stated that she had one in 2020? The business license and Cares Act application can be viewed here

Without more information about the specific circumstances surrounding Kelly's business and the city's processes for issuing licenses, it's challenging to pinpoint the exact reason why Mayor Boley did not sign and approve the license until 2024. However, administrative delays, incomplete applications, regulatory changes, or special circumstances could all potentially contribute to such a delay. Based on the information provided, it seems that Kelly may have misrepresented her situation on the application form by stating that she had a business license in 2020 when, in fact, she did not receive it until 2024. Whether this constitutes lying or not depends on her intent and understanding at the time she filled out the application.

It's certainly possible that Mayor Boley was postdating Kelly's business license for the purpose of facilitating her grant approval and that could be considered unethical. Postdating official documents in order to misrepresent the timing of events or qualifications can constitute fraud or deception.

If Mayor Boley knowingly postdated Kelly's business license to enable her to qualify for a business grant, it could be seen as an abuse of power and a violation of the public trust. This kind of behavior could have legal consequences for both Mayor Boley and Kelly, including potential charges of fraud or falsifying documents.

However, it's important to note that without concrete evidence or further investigation, it's impossible to definitively determine Mayor Boley's motivations for postdating the license. It's also essential to consider the possibility that there may have been legitimate reasons for the delay in issuing the license, and any accusations of wrongdoing should be based on clear evidence rather than speculation. If there are suspicions of illegal or unethical behavior regarding the backdating of Kelly's business license, it may be appropriate to report the situation to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

In response to these allegations, Kobylski's campaign team issued a statement asserting that the discrepancy was an oversight and that Kobylski believed she had a valid business license at the time of her application. They emphasized that Kobylski had been operating her business in good faith and had no intention of misleading authorities.

Critics argue that if Kobylski did not possess a valid business license at the time of her application, her assertion on the form could be construed as misleading or even false. However, opponents of Kobylski have seized upon the revelation, characterizing it as evidence of dishonesty and calling into question her integrity as a candidate for Alderwoman. Some have called for further investigation into the matter to ascertain whether any laws or regulations were breached. Ultimately, the revelations raise more questions than answers about the accuracy of Kobylski's statements and whether she misrepresented her eligibility for the relief grant.

The controversy comes at a critical juncture in the Mayor's race, with voters poised to make their decision in the upcoming election. The revelation has undoubtedly cast a shadow over Kobylski's candidacy as well, raising doubts about her suitability for public office.

As the story continues to unfold, residents of Smithville remain divided, with some expressing support for Kobylski and others demanding greater transparency and accountability from their elected representatives. With the election drawing near, the outcome of this controversy could have far-reaching implications for the future of the city's leadership.

For further details regarding Kelly Kobylski's property tax delinquency, refer to the Clay County Property search website here: Below is a snapshot of Ms. Kobylski's property tax payments. The assessments in which the full amounts were not paid are highlighted.  As you can see Ms. Kobylski was delinquent as recently as last November. 

We have made the delinquent tax notice available here. following document below, from the Clay County website, seems to indicate that Ms. Kobylski's property taxes were delinquent.