Northland Community Clean Up Group Keeping Local Area's Sparkling

 The Northland Community Clean Up group is a group of like minded people who work to clean up the litter from our community. The group was formed about 1 1/2 years ago. They meet usually on weekends to target clean up in an area along 152 and I 29. It is a never ending battle. The Boardwalk area by Walmart and bus station has been cleaned numerous times and it isn't long before it is a mess again. The Group spent this last weekend with a wonderful group of students from Park Hill HS who volunteered to join.

Take a look on Facebook: Northland Community Clean Up group. You can join there and receive information on the clean up schedule. Also if you want to do your own clean up in your neighborhood you can obtain KCMO blue bags from Northland Neighbors at 5340 NE Chouteau Trafficway. phone
. These bags can be used for picking up litter. You then can place the tied bags along the right of way and use the KCMO app to request a pick up. These bags can also be placed out with your regular trash. They do not count towards your 2 bag limit. We can make a difference..


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