Vacant Houses in Gladstone, MO Causing Concern.

Amidst the well-manicured lawns and pristine facades of a quaint suburban neighborhood lies a vacant house, its front door replaced by a sheet of plywood secured by a lock, and its windows shattered. The desolate state of the property has remained unchanged for two years, and the whereabouts of its inhabitants remain a mystery to the local community. While one kindly neighbor occasionally tends to the overgrown lawn, the question remains: what can be done to address the blight that has befallen this once-charming dwelling? If you are concerned about the condition of the vacant house and believe that it may pose a safety hazard or attract criminal activity, there are several actions you can take:

  1. Contact your local government: Your local government may have an office or department responsible for addressing vacant or abandoned properties. They may be able to provide guidance on what can be done about the property or initiate an inspection to determine if the property is in violation of any codes or regulations.

  2. Contact the property owner: If you know who owns the property, you could attempt to contact them to express your concerns and ask if they have any plans to address the issues with the property.

  3. Contact a community organization: There may be community organizations in your area that are dedicated to addressing blighted properties and improving the condition of neighborhoods. They may be able to provide support and guidance on how to address the issue.

  4. Report any suspicious activity: If you notice any suspicious activity at the vacant property, such as people entering or leaving the property or loud noises, you should report it to your local police department.

Ultimately, the actions you can take will depend on your local laws and regulations, as well as the specific circumstances of the vacant property.


Anonymous said…
From what I’ve read all the above actions have been taken without results. What do you suggest now?
Anonymous said…
County should sale for back taxes, and to highest bidder.
Anonymous said…
Is the property behind on taxes. Usually dont go to auction til 3 consecutive yrs behind
Anonymous said…
I'm afraid this is only the beginning and we will have a mass exodus of people leaving the northland due to lack of adult entertainment. Let us turn one of these empty homes into a stop club