A frustrated dog owner in Newmark neighborhood has called for action after her dog was repeatedly shot with an airsoft gun by a Barking teenager who shares a backyard with her. The woman, understandably fearful, only identified herself by her first name Ary
She  claims that the teenage boy has some behavioral issues that are not being addressed, and that she has found multiple pellets in her yard.

The woman's dog, who is normally only aggressive towards the teenager, was shot by the airsoft gun on one occasion. "There was an audible Thack from the impact, my dog yelped in reaction, and the kid lowered the gun and walked back to his house," the woman said.

Despite speaking with the boy's mother and giving her one of the pellets found in her yard, the neighbor continues to find pellets in her yard. She believes that the teenager is still pointing the gun in the direction of her home and property.

The situation came to a boiling point when the woman was on her back deck watching her dog and the teenager came out. Her dog began barking, as he normally does, but when the neighbor called him in, the teenager ran full force at the fence barking at her dog. "I had to walk out into the yard, the kid is seeing me struggle to get him back inside and he keeps taunting, barking and running at my dog. He then bared his teeth and tried to bite my dog. I am livid!" she exclaimed.

Feeling like she has no other choice, the neighbor has called KCPD to make a report and plans to follow up on the matter. "I am so mad that it has come to this," she added. The teenager's mother has not commented on the situation.
Well, that is one hell of a news cycle, While we are on the topic, I will be busy rewatching this 90's classic.