Brawling Fight at 54th Street Bar and Grill on Englewood Rd

On the evening of April 10th, 2023, a disturbance occurred at a bar located on 54th Street on Englewood Rd. While patrons were waiting for happy hour at 9:00 pm, a large group began leaving the establishment and got into an altercation with some of the employees.

Eyewitnesses reported that one woman in particular was very loud and condescending to the employees, which was disturbing to everyone present, including the children in the group. The server at a nearby table explained that the group had walked out on tabs before, prompting one patron to ask her to call the police.

Although the group left briefly, they soon returned and demanded to speak with the manager, causing further disruptions for other patrons. Despite the unpleasant incident, the rest of the patrons had a great experience at the establishment, and all the employees were lovely to them.