Suspicious Gladstone Residents Report Criminal Behavior When Man Brakes for Deer.

Breaking News: Oakwood Park Driver Accused of Suspicious Behavior 

In a bizarre incident that occurred earlier this week, residents in Gladstone claimed a driver in Oakwood Park neighborhood reportedly stopped his car and had a conversation with imaginary persons, prompting concerns about his mental state.

Eyewitnesses claim that the driver slammed on his brakes on thier street and proceeded to engage in a conversation with nobody for several seconds before driving away. Others were fearful that he was casing a potential house for a robbery. 

Many residents of Gladstone, Missouri, where the incident took place, expressed shock and concern over the driver's behavior. Some even went so far as to call the police, citing concerns about the man's sanity.

How ever My Glad Stone was able to locate the driver, a man named Angie Hyatt and obtain a statement. He claims that he was breaking for a deer.  "I was driving home tonight, and shortly after I turned into my street, I slammed on my brakes. I sat there for several seconds... then I slowly inched forward about 500 or so feet. Then I rolled down my window and started talking, but no one was there. Finally, I drove on...You see....a couple of deer had jumped out in front of me. So I watched them for a while, then told them they needed to go back into the woods or they could get hurt. Many of the people on here would have posted something, saying I seemed suspicious or even crazy talking to myself!"

Despite the negative reactions from some members of the community, the driver urged people to "quit being so freaking paranoid" and enjoy life.

"Just be aware, be smart, and enjoy life... you've only got 1!" he said. "Don't be shooting people!"

It remains unclear whether the driver will face any charges as a result of the incident, but the community is certainly on edge after this strange encounter.