Will Proposed Facebook Data Center in Kansas City Northland Go Up in Smoke?

The situation with Meta and the city of Kansas City highlights the challenges the Northland faces dealing with a City Hall that continually cuts police, fire and health services that significantly impact quality of life, particularly when it comes to economic development and business incentives. 

However, it is clear that silencing dissent and punishing those who speak out against perceived injustices is not a viable solution to these challenges. Instead, Kansas City must work to foster open and honest dialogue with Northland residents about these issues, and to develop policies and practices that truly promote diversity, inclusion, and equity.

As the situation in Kansas City continues to unfold, it will be important for residents, activists, and city officials to work together to address the underlying issues at play. By working collaboratively and transparently, we can begin to build a more just and equitable society for all.

This should be of interest to Northland residents and the hypocrisy of a supposedly woke corporation is mind boggling. According to this lil rock, tax incentives for big corporations never work out that great for local communities. Facebook received a 37 year tax abatement in exchange for bringing a server center to Clay that will provide less than 100 jobs. Yes, the construction of the data center center would bring extra jobs for a for years but after that? Let's face it. Big tech bro was never gonna transform our economy. They were always gonna employ methods  to get around local regulations that required a preference for local construction workers.  The new Amazon center over in Liberty might have been worth a small tax incentive. But now this Facebook development is blowing up in Zuckerberg's face. Hint hint, Big Tech was never as woke as they pretended and now this local scandal shows it as FB gets accused of putting profits over it's commitment to ending racism. But will the scandal cause Kansas City to pull the tax abatement? We can hope but don't count on it. Perhaps this will only encourage more talk of Northland succession from Kansas City. 


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