Local Residents Raise Concerns about Dangerous Intersection at Barry Rd and North Indiana Ave

 On a quiet Sunday evening, a routine drive home turned into a harrowing experience for a local family when they approached the intersection of North Indiana Avenue and Barry Road. The family came to a full stop at the four-way junction but were forced to slam on their brakes as they attempted to proceed. The sudden stop was so abrupt that it triggered a stress-related asthma attack in their 7-year-old daughter. This incident marked the fourth near-miss for the family at this particular intersection in just a few months.

The intersection in question, located in the vicinity of Meadowbrook Heights, has been a source of concern for many local residents. The area experiences heavy traffic throughout the day, particularly during the morning commute and at 5 p.m., when residents are trying to make their way back to their homes in the neighborhoods north of the intersection. Additionally, the presence of construction vehicles frequently using this junction to access work sites on both North Indiana Avenue and Northeast Barry Road further compounds the traffic congestion issue.

The local resident and concerned parent, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, "I do not want anyone to be hurt because we didn't voice our concerns." This sentiment is shared by many in the community who fear that a dangerous accident might occur at any moment due to the chaotic nature of the intersection.

In an effort to address this issue, the concerned resident reached out to City Hall. The response from City Hall was encouraging, as they are already aware of the situation and have pledged to take action. The resident, however, urged the city to take swift action, saying, "We need action!!"

The concerned resident is now calling on fellow citizens to also voice their concerns by contacting City Hall at 816-513-1313. They are encouraging residents to express their apprehensions about the intersection and to request the installation of at least a temporary traffic light until a permanent solution can be put in place.

In response to the concerned resident's call to action, local residents have started discussing their experiences and concerns, emphasizing that the increasing number of residents and the potential for accidents could lead to rising insurance rates for everyone in the area. Some recommended reaching out to the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) traffic unit, noting that residents can leave a message on the sergeant's voicemail, and their concerns will be added to the unit's schedule. The KCPD elaborated on the potential for addressing the issue by having a traffic officer stationed near the intersection, highlighting that this could help in monitoring the situation and improving road safety. However current staffing levels in the Northland may prohibit that option.

It's clear that the residents of this area are eager to ensure the safety of their community, and their collaborative efforts to address the intersection's dangers demonstrate the power of community action. The hope is that their collective voices will lead to a resolution that makes the North Indiana Avenue and Barry Road intersection safer for all.