Stadium Real Estate Speculation Destroying North Kansas City Businesses


NORTH KANSAS CITY, MO - In a whirlwind of rumors and uncertainty, the future of a section of Swift Avenue in North Kansas City is hanging in the balance as businesses face potential closure due to recent developments in the area.

Residents of the Northtown neighborhood have been abuzz with speculation, with many concerned about the fate of local businesses, including the beloved Litt hardware store and a popular barber shop. Reports indicate that the entire 1500 block of Swift Avenue, which houses these businesses, has been sold, potentially forcing them to close their doors. The news comes amid discussions surrounding a possible new stadium for the Kansas City Royals.

While the details surrounding the sale and its implications for the businesses remain unclear, the looming prospect of a new Royals stadium in North Kansas City has raised questions about the fate of the Swift Avenue block. If North Kansas City were to secure the bid for the stadium, it's uncertain whether the businesses were forced out or simply chose to relocate. The prospect of losing these long-standing establishments has left the community pondering what the future holds for the area should the Royals stadium bid not come to fruition.

The transformation of Northtown has been ongoing for some time, marked by the process of gentrification. As the community evolves and attracts new investments, it has led to some tension and changes in the demographics of the neighborhood. The  stadium plans has injected new capital into the area, sparking a buying spree that have drawn attention from various quarters.

The uncertainties surrounding Swift Avenue and the broader changes in Northtown have ignited discussions and concerns among residents. As this story unfolds, many are left wondering about the fate of their cherished businesses and the direction their community will take in the coming years.


Anonymous said…
A & N Hardware!!
Anonymous said…
Was retiring anyway! BS
Anonymous said…
A&N Owner is retiring. The new property owner tried to retain them as a tenant, but they had no interest.
Anonymous said…
Loosing A&N is enough to make me cry. I traded with them before Darrell Davis purchased the place. All the places I remember from 1951 on are all leaving N.K.C..
Richard Shields