Gladstone Dog Arrested for Breaking and Entering!


Gladstone, MO: In a shocking incident in the Meadowbrook neighborhood, residents are on high alert after a pit bull forcibly entered a home through a window screen. The alarming event unfolded earlier today when the aggressive dog attempted to attack the family's dogs, causing chaos and putting young children at risk.

The distressed homeowners recounted the frightening episode, revealing that the pit bull knocked over their 1-year-old twins who were in close proximity to the window. The family, who wishes to remain anonymous, expressed their concern for the safety of their children and other residents in the community. Police were called and put the Pittbull under arrest where he is now awaiting trial.

According to the homeowners, this is not the first time the pit bull has exhibited aggressive behavior. Apparently, the same dog had bitten a child in the past, raising questions about the owner's ability to control the animal and the potential danger it poses to the community.

Local authorities have been alerted to the incident, and residents are advised to exercise caution and keep a close eye on their children and pets. Animal control has reportedly been informed to investigate the history and behavior of the pit bull involved.

Gladstone residents are now sharing the news on community forums and social media to raise awareness and encourage vigilance. Concerned neighbors are urged to report any sightings or incidents involving the aggressive pit bull to local authorities immediately.

In response to the incident, the Gladstone Police Department is reminding pet owners of the importance of responsible ownership, including proper restraint and control of pets to prevent potential harm to others.

This unsettling event serves as a reminder for the community to prioritize the safety of their families and pets. Residents are encouraged to report any aggressive behavior from animals promptly and to collaborate with local authorities to ensure a secure environment for everyone in Gladstone.