Police Defunding in Action: KCPD Ignores Shooting Report in North Kansas City Neighborhood


Kansas City, North, November 15, 2023 — In a shocking incident reported by a concerned resident of Maple Park neighborhood, attempts were made to contact the KCPD , after two young boys, presumably in their pre or early teen years, were seen passing a firearm back and forth while walking down the street on November 6th. But according to the witness, the authorities did not dispatch officers to investigate the incident or take a formal report. The incident escalated when the youngsters reportedly fired the weapon in the parkway, just three doors down from the witness. Despite the severity of the situation, the eyewitness claimed that law enforcement never responded on scene. Questions were raised about the seriousness with which the police treated the report, especially considering the potential dangers associated with minors in possession of a firearm.

The eyewitness, described the individuals as both white males, one wearing a white T-shirt, and the other donning a gray hoodie with a red backpack. A picture of one of the individuals in the white shirt was taken by the concerned resident, who expressed hesitation in posting the image due to the age of the minors involved. The witness raised concerns about the legal implications, emphasizing that it is illegal at any age to possess a firearm without proper authorization, discharge a firearm within city limits, and pass a handgun to a minor.

In response to skepticism about the incident being ignored, another resident, Sebastian M., shared personal experiences where the police allegedly neglected other situations. One incident involved a hit-and-run where the witness claimed police failed to investigate adequately, and another incident described a delayed response to a brawl outside an apartment.

Carla Kelley, the eyewitness who initially reported the incident, responded to the concerns asserting that she had contacted the police, but chose not to post pictures of the minors. She clarified that the police were now involved, and she had received communication from an officer in the days after the incident.

The incident has left the Maple Park neighborhood on edge, prompting discussions about the responsiveness of law enforcement in handling such critical matters involving minors and firearms. Residents are hoping for a thorough investigation to ensure the safety of the community.

As the situation unfolds, the Maple Park neighborhood is left grappling with the potential risks associated with the reported incident and questioning the efficacy of the KCPD enforcement response. While it's challenging to pinpoint the specific reason for the reported lack of police response, a shortage of staffing could indeed be a factor. At any given time the KC Northland only has 2-4 officers patrolling. Police departments may face challenges in allocating resources, especially in areas where there is a high demand for law enforcement services.

Several factors can contribute to a shortage of police staffing, including budget constraints, high call volumes, competing priorities, and the overall demand for law enforcement resources in a given jurisdiction. If the police department is stretched thin, they may prioritize calls based on severity, immediacy, or available resources at the time.

It's important to note that law enforcement agencies often operate under significant pressure, and staffing issues can impact their ability to respond promptly to every reported incident. Residents may notice delays in response times, or in some cases, calls may go unanswered or unaddressed due to resource constraints.

In situations where staffing shortages are a concern, communities and local authorities may need to work together to find solutions, whether through increased funding, recruitment efforts, or other measures to enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies to respond effectively to public safety concerns.