Platte County Landmark Building Sold, Oldest Newspaper in KC Metro Moving


Exploring Platte County's Rich History: Estate Sale at Historic Landmark Building

Blake Barth, a local developer and the new owner of the iconic Platte County Landmark building, hosts an estate sale at the historic property in downtown Platte City. The Platte County Landmark, a local institution, had been in print for an impressive 159 years, with 124 of those years spent in the very building now owned by Barth. As the Landmark moved to newly renovated office space a few blocks away, the old building's contents, holding over a century of local history, are now on sale to the public.

Among the treasures inside is the original press that entered the building in 1899 and has been a silent witness to the changing times. The estate sale includes large volumes of the paper's front pages dating back to the early 1990s, metal plate stamps used for printing, local ballots, and various other paper goods neatly stored in drawers along the walls.

Blake Barth expressed his desire to see community members purchase these historical artifacts during the weekend estate sale, suggesting that these items could become meaningful decorations around the community. Additionally, Barth plans to donate some items to local museums, ensuring that Platte County's rich history remains accessible to future generations. Hope he finds a good use for the building.

Note: The Platte County Landmark continues its legacy from a recently renovated space in the former Platte County Health Department Building.