Unusual Cat Theft Incident Unfolds at HyVee near 64th Street and I-29 Exit


In a bizarre turn of events, witnesses at the HyVee near 64th Street and the I-29 exit found themselves at the center of an unexpected spectacle on Monday around 11:40 am. Eyewitnesses reported a man being chased by the police on foot, sprinting down the middle of 64th Street, dodging traffic, and desperately yelling for help.

The focal point of this unusual chase? A stolen cat.

According to accounts from individuals present at the store, the suspect, who was seen carrying something in his hands, was pursued by law enforcement officers. The chase eventually led to a dramatic confrontation at the entryway of the HyVee store, where police tackled the suspect and subsequently placed him in handcuffs.

Eyewitness C J Battreall shared his account of the incident, stating, "The guy ran right past me on 64th Street. I was actually heading into HyVee when I saw him running down 64th. He somehow ended up back in the store because he ran right by the aisle I was in, screaming for help. The police finally caught up to him in between the doors and handcuffed him. It did look like he had something in his zipped-up jacket, but I have no idea if it were a cat or not."

Remarkably, the suspect reportedly still had the stolen cat in his possession, and there are suggestions that he may have taken other items from the cat owner. The cops were chasing him for other reasons when he entered the back of the store & caught him inside at the front entrance. It is said that the cops attempted to arrest him earlier and failing that had to pursue on foot. The sequence of events raises questions about the motives behind the chase and whether the suspect was initially being pursued for reasons unrelated to the feline heist.

As the details of this peculiar incident continue to unfold, residents and onlookers remain curious about the circumstances leading up to the chase and the ultimate apprehension of the cat thief. The HyVee store, typically known for routine grocery shopping, became an unexpected stage for a drama that left witnesses with more questions than answers.