Smithville Mayoral Candidate April Haddock Pledges to Prioritize Community Needs

With the upcoming Smithville elections in sight on April 2nd,  April Haddock, is a conservative mayoral candidate with a vision for responsible governance and community-driven progress. Her decision to run for mayor was encouraged by local business interests opposed to the current city government, recognizing her commitment to fostering a prosperous yet authentic Smithville. With a clear focus on essential services, infrastructure development, and preserving the character of the community, Haddock aims to address the pressing needs of the city while standing firm against special interests. Vowing to champion the interests of the community against what she describes as the undue influence of developers and an unresponsive city board. In a passionate statement, Haddock declared her commitment to fair taxation, essential services, and a more empathetic approach to governance.

"No one enjoys paying their taxes, but it is our duty and the law," Haddock asserted. "Who's above the law? Not the developers. I will not be a pawn of developers who try to use TIFFs and abatements to avoid paying their fair share of taxes."

Speaking directly to the concerns of Smithville residents, Haddock criticized the current administration for its lack of emotional connection to the community. "The Smithville board shows zero emotions when making decisions. Not me! I have emotions, things weigh on my heart, I have a moral compass. I will be your voice," she declared.

Highlighting the issue of tax evasion, Haddock emphasized the importance of holding accountable those who seek to cheat the system. "People who don't pay their taxes are trying to cheat & essentially steal money that belongs to the government," she stated.

One of Haddock's central campaign pledges is to prioritize the funding and expansion of the local police station. "We need to raise taxes for the police station and secure new funding for essential services, especially law enforcement," Haddock stated firmly. "However, I am opposed to implementing new sales taxes, which burden our residents disproportionately."

In terms of policy priorities, Haddock outlined her plans to prioritize essential services like law enforcement without resorting to new sales taxes. She criticized the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIFF), citing its negative impact on city funding. "TIFF creates a lapse in city funding that Smithville can ill afford" she warned.

"I grew up in faith. My faith is everything, my faith is my authenticator," Haddock remarked. "Jesus gives me a concern for people, the downtrodden." Regarding her personal background, Haddock emphasized her status as a single mother and her understanding of the struggles faced by ordinary citizens. "I have always known that to get ahead in life you have to work hard, at age 14 I got my first job at Hyvee so I could earn my own money. The most rewarding job I have ever held was working with the mentally disabled at 18. I have worked as a pharmacy tech at Liberty Hospital." she said. "I struggled working my way through school as a single mom, later in life. I know what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck. The reason I am running is because people like us, traditional hardworking people have been ill-served by our local government.""

Haddock's candidacy comes in the face of what she describes as an unhelpful agenda by the incumbent Mayor whom she accuses of being in bed with developers to the detriment of the community. She criticized the mayor's current approach to infrastructure development, stating that the city's current infrastructure is ill-equipped to handle expansion. "Make no mistake, crookedness IS at the local level. Many do anything they can to discredit good candidates in an effort to keep their choice at the forefront. You either join their coalition or you're an outcast and now a peasant. No one should be in any position more than 6 years. That's too long. Term limits are needed."

Critiquing the current administration, Haddock criticized what she sees as cozy relationships with developers at the expense of the city's infrastructure. "Development is good but not at the cost of neglecting crucial aspects of our city's infrastructure like water pipes and sewer systems," she asserted. "We need smart economic development that balances growth with the well-being of our community." Haddock is opposing specific forms of development that she believes do not align with Smithville's character. "I am against windmills and bike lanes, which seem more suited for a gentrified demographic that does not exist in Smithville," she explained. "We must prioritize sustainable solutions that respect our community's heritage and values."

April Haddock's entry into the mayoral race has already sparked discussion within the community, with many residents expressing support for her message of accountability and community-centered governance. As the election draws nearer, the residents of Smithville will have the opportunity to decide the direction of their city's leadership.