Possible Terrorism Connection to Super Bowl Rally Shooting?


Apparently, like many other shootings in KC, The KCPD claims this started as beef between two feuding groups, similar to the shooting at Crown Center last month as reported on Fox4. There was a mass shooting at the Chief's Super Bowl Parade yesterday, one person was reported dead, a mom of two and 23 were injured. Two persons have been taken into custody and the threat is reported to have been eliminated but it is reported that there are others responsible and this may have started as a dispute between two groups fighting at the parade. fox4kc.com/news/dispute-led-to-shooting-at-chiefs-super-bowl-rally-police/

But then we have this: A social media post on X announced two days before that a terrorist attack on the Super Bowl Parade was pending. There are no indications that the KCPD is investigating it as terrorism, preferring a gang-related angle. The FBI is now investigating, their mandate covers terrorism.

This may have been preplanned with warning signs based on this X post just 2 days before. Did the FBI or KCPD catch this? Another lonely alienated shooter striking out at society? But the KCPD is going with the gang-related violence explanation for now. 


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