Smithville's Tax TIF Trouble: A Tale of Political Favors and Developer Dominance

 Beautiful Day in Smithville! 

By Kristine Bunch

For those that don’t know where the blighted building is that was approved for 110 Smithville, LLC, TIF (redirects the income from property taxes to developers instead of paying our schools or libraries) here is the building they promised to begin August 2023…. You see Smithville is selling City land to 110  LLC, property development company.  Taxes are abated for 20 years to DEVELOPER under a tax incentive fund or TIF. The School District loses, the Library loses and all taxing jurisdictions LOSE! Only developers have a financial advantage here.

As you can clearly see, there’s absolutely no movement on this building and there are STILL broken windows and trash they obviously refuse to pick up nor has the City given citations to developers. In my opinion, political favors and deals are being done left and right. Hopefully, Citizens are paying attention, but when things are done like this most don’t get involved or truly care and it makes a complete playground for developers and banks, and private investors to capitalize. Personally, I don’t mind property tax dollars used to demolish this building, but after that, it’s a great piece of commercial land and the developers SHOULD PAY property taxes like the rest of us! But NO, we have Alderman that say yes, yes, yes and therefore it’s in the developer's legal right to ask for a 20-year TIF and that’s perfectly acceptable to ask…It’s the Alderman’s job to vote for the People. 5/6 Alderman only knows one word. YES. Smithville is a gold mine for developers and no one else is stopping them from destroying our small town. Then watch…. Once these certain developers get everything they want, only then will the Alderman start saying NO.