Stalker Alert: Offender back on the streets

 Stalker Alert: Platte Woods Residents Urged to Stay Vigilant

Residents of Platte Woods, Missouri, have been warned to remain vigilant as reports of a persistent stalker in the area continue to surface. The individual, identified as Onchi Eliou according to sources, has been reportedly targeting women, attempting to gain access to homes and apartments in the neighborhood. He was recently arrested but released after 48 hours.

The woman recounted her ordeal, detailing weeks of harassment and escalating behavior by the perpetrator. "This man stalked me for weeks where I take care of some feral cats, wrote me love notes, scratched 'I love you' in the paint of my car… Then proceeded to escalate it, to lewd acts I won’t say… then he proceeded to do the same to another lady, along with entering her house! … we had him put in jail," she disclosed. The man was arrested, charged convicted and served his time, but it now appears that he is continuing his bad behaviors after being released. He is said to be staying in a hotel in Platte Woods just off of I-29.

She described how the suspect, for the second time, attacked her. He reappeared suddenly and attempted to approach her from behind. "Well, yesterday he snuck up behind me and almost got me! I started screaming & yelling & he kept coming towards me, he disappeared, then popped back up as I was trying to get back to my car, found some guys to help me!" she recounted.

The latest sightings place him in the vicinity of Thirsty Bull and Arthur’s, where he is said to frequent the wooded areas nearby. Despite previous encounters with law enforcement, including arrests for trespassing, Eliou seems to evade prolonged detention and reverts to his stalking behavior upon release.

According to public records, Eliou's criminal history is troubling, with past charges including trespassing and incidents of entering residences uninvited. Shockingly, one resident recounted an instance where Eliou allegedly entered her home while she slept, helping himself to food from her refrigerator before engaging in inappropriate behavior on her front porch. 

If the name Onchi Eliou is indeed accurate (the resemblance in the mug shot is striking), then this individual fits the description. According to Casenet records, he was charged on August 5, 2023. His most recent arrest resulted in a 30-day jail sentence on March 14, 2024, and he was obligated to register as a sex offender. Notably, three of his court appearances list his address as "H***less," while the latest one specifies the address for the "Thirsty Bull Saloon." Eliou is scheduled for a court hearing on July 26, 2024, at 10:00 am before Judge Anne J. Labella at the Kansas City Municipal courtroom located at 511 East 11th St., KCMO.

Concerns over the handling of Eliou's case have arisen, with community members questioning why more stringent actions haven't been taken to ensure public safety. Despite his history of disturbing behavior, which also includes failure to register as a sex offender, Eliou continues to roam the streets, posing a threat to residents.

However, efforts to spread awareness about Eliou's presence have been met with resistance on social media platforms such as Nextdoor and Facebook, where posts containing his name and image have been repeatedly removed on grounds of being "discriminatory". This has sparked outrage among locals, who feel that public safety should take precedence over concerns of infringing upon the individual's rights.

Be Aware of This Man

In response to the escalating situation, residents are urged to remain cautious and report any sightings or suspicious activities to the authorities immediately. Additionally, there have been calls for more proactive measures from law enforcement and city officials to address the underlying issues contributing to Eliou's repeated offenses and the challenges in effectively managing such cases.

As the community grapples with the unsettling presence of this persistent stalker, the need for collective action and vigilance remains paramount in ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents in Platte Woods and surrounding areas.