Gladstone Water Bills Skyrocketing

Gladstone residents have been complaining of raising water costs. Julie from the Trails reported a $20 increase over last month while many other said theirs bills have almost doubled over the last two years as Gladstone has increased its sewage and waste water charge. Mary of Gladstone Meadows noted,"My bill increased last month and I noticed there is now a winter average (charge). I have to wonder why Winter would increases the rate."

Gladstone resident Vaneissa says her bill is between $115 and $145 a month . "Sad to say but I’m happy with that because it was $225 regularly before we bought a new washer and dryer. That’s the only difference we are a household of seven but I’ve always thought it was high compared to KC."

Unlike KCMO, Gladstone does not get its water from the Missouri River instead it has deep wells. The water is supposed to be much cleaner and require fewer chemicals to purify. Gladstone is replacing sewers on an improvement schedule. The cost of the improvements are being passed on Gladstone residents. But this lil happy rock asks "Is it really worth it?"


RAE said…
Considering the human body is 70 percent water, keeping one’s natural aquatic state is worth the price hike.

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