Trick or Treaters in serious decline.

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Gladstone residents who go all out for Halloween are complaining of a low turnout among the lil tykes. Heather Fowler reflected on the declining holiday of darkness. "This is a serious bummer!! "Here we went all out on decorations and lights and absolutely nobody is trick or treating in the neighborhood? What happened to kids trick or treating from door to door the traditional way? This is no fun at all!!"

Fewer Grownups are participating as well. "Very sad day when I take my grandaughter out to trick or treat and maybe 2 out of 20 houses had their porch light on taking part to hand out candy once a year and make so many kids happy . When I grew up maybe 2 out of 50 houses did not hand out candy . Dont know what is going on that so many cannot participate . Just my Opinion " Brian Oldham lamented.

However many speculate that Trunk or Treat at local parking lots are drawing most of the kids parents. Today's helicopter parents feel that going to door to door is just too anxiety inducing for young ones. No doubt they prefer the "safe space" of the Trunk or Treat.

This lil rock remembers the old days when Halloween was a kiddie version of the The Purge. It was the one day of the year kids could be bad and there were no grownups around to interfere. The experience of being chased down by much larger kids throwing rotten eggs and tee peeing houses still haunts me to this day. Halloween can take a hike I say. I leave you with this for your entertainment.