Retired Police Chief Announces Run for Clay County Commissioner

Jay Johnson
Retired Police Chief Jay Johnson has thrown his hat into the ring for Clay County Commissioner of the Eastern District, In-District. Currently, Johnson is the only announced candidate for this position.

“I am running to ensure Clay County citizens can continue to live in a safe and prosperous community. I will promote increased accessibility, responsiveness, accountability, and transparency alongside the other commissioners to foster goodwill between local government and its constituents,” Johnson declared.

While this is Johnson’s first time running for public office. As a police officer, Johnson served for nearly thirty years fighting criminal activity with an exemplary record. Johnson describes his pursuit of elected office as a continuation of this mission. A former police chief, Johnson holds a masters degree in public administration. 

He claims that he will support better government efficiencies – a more effective government using less taxpayer dollars.  “I believe the job of the county commission is to keep taxation low and use the resources we do have as efficiently as possible. It is county government’s job to maintain roads and bridges—it is not their job to dictate burdensome mandates or to meddle in local businesses’ day-to-day affairs. As commissioner, I will work to keep Clay County on track: no law enforcement defunding foolishness, no unneeded tax hikes, and no restrictions on people’s liberties.”

While he is a native of Clay County and has a family lineage that dates back to the inception of Clay County in the early 1800's, He spent most of his professional career in California. It was there in Newport Beach that Chief Johnson he served as police chief. However, despite a stellar career record as a police officer in the ranks, his time as police chief was not without criticism. The Newport PD was plagued with scandal during his tenure as police chief over sexual harassment and homophobic discrimination cases. Over a half dozen police officers brought wrongful termination suits from 2013 to 2014 against the Newport PD.  While he was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing personally in matter relating to the cases, his critics claimed he had lax polices that may have enabled the issues in the first place.

Jay Johnson has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on his campaign.