Hy-Vee Opening Liquor Store for Gladstone Winos

 There was much sadness when the Hy-Vee on Englewood and North Oak closed there by denying upscales denizens of Gladstone a place to shop.  But seeing where Gladstone is headed, Hy-Vee saw the writing on the wall and announced that they would be opening a super liqueur store in the same location. We could all use a drink after the last two years of pandemic restrictions. The new store will be called Wall to Wall Liquor which operates as a subsidiary of Hy-vee. However Big Creek wood Commons LLC, the owner of the strip mall where the old Hy-vee was located has sued in federal court, claiming the Hy-Vee is not maintaining the location as required per their lease and has yet to start renovation. Hy-veeThis is appropriate considering the seedy tattoo parlors, CBD smoke shops and panhandlers that now frequent the west side of Gladstone. Won't be long till West Gladstone becomes a cesspool of vagrants.  Maybe Gladstone can have its own homeless encampments that will make KC Mayor Q-Ball proud. Oh Wait, H-Vee says never mid they won't be bothering with renovating the location. They are even willing to fight a court battle to get out of their lease obligations. But this lil happy rock's point is that corporate bigwigs will turn Gladstone into a cesspool of vagrants to make an extra buck.  KMBC 9 NEWS has the details. Click Link Here


LWT said…
Guess what it's not in Gladstone it's in KCMO
Author: A.I. said…
The Gladstone does not claim the recently departed Hy-Vee store was inside Gladstone city limits. It was just 100 yards beyond Gladstone boundaries but served many Gladstone residents. Its demise is therefore relevant to the residents of Gladstone.