Suspicious white dudes creeping around Gladstone.

On the bustling corner of 74th and Wabash, on the north side of Gladstone, MO a peculiar sight caught the attention of one vigilant resident who only gave his name as Brian McMillian. While walking their dogs early in the morning, the resident, who usually keeps a watchful eye on the area, observed an old Toyota car, with peeling blueish green paint and no license plates or temp tags. The car was slowly creeping up and down streets, including dead ends, with two young white males in the vehicle, both wearing hats and jackets. The observer estimated their age to be in the mid-20s. The make of the car appeared to be a Camry, possibly from the 70s or early 80s. While it could be an innocent occurrence, the observer deemed the behavior and appearance of the occupants to be suspicious. Though they regretted not having their phone to take a picture, they implored others to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings and to report any concerning the police.

Hair: Hats, Top: Jackets, Age: Mid 20’s, Sex: Male, Race: Both white Vehicle Color: Blueish green very very bad peeling paint, Make: Toyota, Model: Pretty sure it was a Camry, Year: Old possibly 70’s or early 80’s, Type: Car, License Plate: No license plate or temp tags, Other Information: In the area of 74’th & Wabash. Slowly crushing up and down multiple streets including dead ends.