Crime Wave Striking Gladstone and Surrounding Areas

Crime Wave Striking Gladstone and Surrounding Areas 
Dozens of homes and vehicles were burglarized across the Kansas City Northland yesterday, from Briercliff through Gladstone to Newmark, leaving residents concerned for their safety and property.

Christopher Micelli, one of the victims, shared his security footage, which captured a person attempting to gain access to his home at 3:55 am. "Please make sure to keep your doors locked and your property secure, as there are bottom feeders out there looking for opportunities to take advantage," Micelli warned his neighbors.

Michelle Staten, who lives in the 200 block of NW 44th street, said her daughter heard a door slam around 3:30 am and saw four individuals with hoodies running down the street. Shortly after, a white vehicle peeled out down the street. Staten called the police, but she understood that there were more pressing things for them to attend to.

Gary Smedlie's house was also hit. He said, "Yes, they entered our garage at 3:47 am, three of them. They rummaged through one car (unlocked) but not the other (locked). As best as we can figure, they stole some beer and soda out of a small refrigerator in the garage. Otherwise, nothing else appears missing."

At 103rd street and North Oak, a neighbor saw three males in black ski masks attempting to get into vehicles in the parking lot. The perpetrators managed to get into their vehicle but were scared off as soon as the door was opened. "It’s crazy that this area has turned into this. I grew up just a couple of blocks from here. Used to be the safest place around. Man oh man have times changed," the neighbor lamented.

The police have been notified, but fortunately, nothing was taken or damaged from the aforementioned victims. Nonetheless, the incident has raised concerns among residents, who are taking precautions to secure their property and prevent further burglaries.
Some are speculating the criminals are growing bolder due to police being stretched thin. According to Kirk, a Gladstone resident "WE have been told that due to the police staffing reductions to expect a 20 minute response unless there is an active life threatening issue."

Many other residents have taken to social media to share their own experiences and warn their neighbors to be vigilant. Some have even established community watch programs to help keep their neighborhoods safe.

The Gladstone Police Department has been notified of the recent crime wave and is working to address the issue. They have increased patrols in affected areas and are encouraging residents to report any suspicious activity.

Despite these efforts, many residents remain concerned about the safety of their community. Some have even expressed frustration with what they see as a lack of action from law enforcement.

Gladstone officials issued a statement in response to the recent crime wave, expressing concern for the safety of his constituents. "We are taking this situation very seriously," it said. "We are committed to working with law enforcement to address the issue and ensure the safety of our residents."

While the recent surge in criminal activity has been alarming for residents of Gladstone, many are hopeful that by working together with law enforcement and taking preventative measures, they can help to deter future crimes and restore a sense of safety to their neighborhoods.