Gladstone Woman's Harrowing Escape from Violent Ex Following Police Shootout

In a tragic turn of events, a local Gladstone woman is coming forward to describe her horrible experience of domestic violence, connected with a police standoff in the Gladstone neighborhood Jefferson Heights of Northeast 76th Street on Monday, April 4th. The standoff ended in the suicide of Ryan Price, owner of Price's Handyman Services. Gladstone Police initially responded to the incident at 1:30pm. The standoff lasted over two hours, during which the Clay County Sheriff's Department announced through bullhorns for Price to surrender himself. Three flash bang grenades were deployed, and a drone was flying around.

The incident came to light after a female occupant, who had barricaded herself in the house with Price, spoke out about her harrowing experience. Only agreeing to be identified by her first name Angie, she revealed that she was the only one in the house with Price and had planned to leave him after discovering he was using drugs again. However, when she tried to pack her things and leave, Price became violent and repeatedly strangled her over several hours, as well as threatened her with a gun multiple times.

The woman tried to escape several times, but Price would drag her back inside the house. It was only when she was able to call her son on speakerphone that the authorities were alerted. Eventually, Price let her go, and she ran to her car as the police arrived. The woman suffered from severe injuries, including bruises and scars on her face and neck, from the traumatic experience.

According to the woman, Price was high on meth and cocaine, which made it impossible for the authorities to negotiate with him. The standoff ended with Price taking his own life in the house, leaving the woman with scars that will stay with her for a lifetime.

Despite her trauma, the woman also shared that she still had love for Price and alleged that his family's treatment towards her since his death has been unjust. She claims that she had tried to persuade Price's family to get him help for his drug addiction, but they had ignored her pleas. Now, she is left with no closure, scars that will never fade, and the heartbreak of losing someone she once loved , stating that, "The truth of it needs out instead of people saying hear say. What’s wrong with that? This man tortured me and no one should have to go thru what he put me thru. You think u might know someone when u have known them for years only to find out they are capable of doing this to you. They (Price's parents) refused to get him help as I begged for them to do and also he denied it to them cuz he was afraid and also cuz I knew this was going bad real fast for him cuz he was falling really fast in his depression and very manic. But what could I do? I offered to take him somewhere to get help he was desperately in need of and he refused but I knew if his dad forced it that he would have gone to inpatient . But his dad and rest of family did nothing and THATS things got where they ended."

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of drug addiction and how it can bring out the worst in people. The authorities urge those struggling with addiction to seek help before it's too late. Meanwhile, the woman is attending grief and trauma support groups to cope with her ordeal, which has left a permanent impact on her life.


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