Coyote Sightings in Gladstone

Coyote Sightings in Gladstone

Residents in Gladstone, Missouri are being urged to keep a watchful eye on their pets following rece6 go nt sightings of coyotes in the area. In particular, small dogs are at risk of being attacked by these predators.

Reports indicate that two coyotes were spotted behind Old Chicago in North Kansas City, while two more were seen near the QuikTrip at Parvin Rd and 435. It is unclear whether the sightings were of the same coyotes, as they occurred on separate days.

Coyotes are known to be highly adaptable and can thrive in both rural and urban areas. They are opportunistic predators, feeding on a variety of prey, including small mammals like rabbits and rodents, as well as birds and even fruit. However, when food is scarce, they may turn to domestic pets for sustenance.

While coyote attacks on humans are rare, pets are more vulnerable. Small dogs, in particular, are at risk of being killed or injured by coyotes. Coyotes are known to be especially active during the breeding season, which typically occurs in late winter and early spring, and may become more aggressive during this time.

To protect their pets from coyote attacks, residents in Gladstone should take steps to reduce the likelihood of encounters with these predators. This includes keeping pets on a leash when outside, especially at night, and keeping them inside when unsupervised. Additionally, residents should ensure that their yards are secure and free of potential food sources, such as garbage or pet food.

If a coyote is spotted in the area, residents should make loud noises to scare it away, such as banging pots and pans or using air horns. Coyotes are naturally wary of humans and will typically avoid contact if given the chance.

It is important for residents in Gladstone, Missouri to take coyote sightings seriously and take steps to protect their pets. By being vigilant and taking preventative measures, residents can minimize the risk of coyote attacks and keep their pets safe.


Anonymous said…
I saw 3 coyotes off Barry Road about 1/4 mile down Line Creek. I was walking my dog and some sirens were on overpass and they were pacing on sidewalk and howling. I grabbed my dog and headed home !!! They have no where to go since all the timber is being destroyed…..

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