Spectrum Cable's Fiber Project Fails Liberty Neighborhoods: A Masterclass in Half-Completed Work

In what can only be described as a spectacular display of inefficiency, Spectrum Cable subcontracted work to lay fiber along Stark and neighborhood streets on the north side of Liberty, MO, back in August of 2022. With great enthusiasm, they paid the contractors before the project was fully completed, including the crucial task of restoring yards they dug up. Who needs completed work when you can have half-done jobs and mounds of dirt in your front yard, right?

Residents along Stark were left in awe of Spectrum's groundbreaking approach to project management. The fiber was laid, the dirt was mounded on top, and then the contractors vanished into thin air. It's almost poetic how they managed to break off French drains, leave them unburied, and artfully position them at an angle pointing up. It's like a modern art installation, except it leads to water backup in people's yards and a delightful obstacle course for unsuspecting pedestrians.

But that's not all! One lucky gentleman, who goes by the name of Matthew Tremain, took it upon himself to document the mess left behind by Spectrum's skilled team. With his trusty camera, he captured the essence of the project's magnificence. The pictures he took included two boxes that were installed and left uncovered, serving as potential injury magnets for the unwary passerby. Safety first, right?

But wait, there's more! The pièce de résistance of Spectrum's abandoned project on Stark is the masterful destruction of the drainage system. Two pipes were laid with such finesse that they were promptly dug up, leaving one of them broken and conveniently pointing up. Now, residents not only have to deal with mounds of dirt that render their lawns unmowable but also with the joy of unexpected water features flooding their backyards.

It's truly heartwarming to witness a company like Spectrum take such pride in its work. After all, who needs completed projects that meet the standards and expectations of paying customers? Clearly, the true value lies in partial accomplishments, potential injuries, and creating new and exciting landscaping challenges for homeowners.

If you're one of the lucky individuals affected by Spectrum's remarkable fiber fiasco, fear not! Matthew Tremain is here to save the day. You can reach out to him at matthew.tremain@charter.com and revel in the glory of his photographic evidence. Don't hesitate to email him, including photos of the damage to your property. Who knows, maybe Spectrum will frame them as souvenirs of their remarkable achievement.

In the end, Spectrum Cable's subcontracting misadventure on Stark and the surrounding streets will surely go down in history as a shining example of how to leave a job half-done, break things in creative ways, and transform yards into dirt-filled wonderlands. Bravo, Spectrum, bravo