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Watch Groups Forming in Gladstone due to Kansas City Spillover Crime

Residents of Gladstone, Missouri, are fed up with the recent spate of break-ins and car thefts in the area and some are even exploring the notion of forming vigilante groups. One local resident, Who only went by the name of Ace Ball, spoke out about the issue and urged others to take precautions.

"If you're from Gladstone, you probably know me," the resident said. "People are always walking to get groceries or to the library to print something, or just to get anything from the Price Chopper, Walgreens, Pizza Hut, etc. But we live right behind Price Chopper, so please, when you're driving by, honk three times, pop your head out, and say wassup."

Another resident, Jackson Holmes went on to emphasize the importance of locking car doors and not giving rides to strangers unless you know them. They shared a story about a man who had his White GMC SUV stolen and how difficult it has been for him.

"We're not asking for help," the resident said. "But if your family needs to eat, I'm doing whatever, whenever, however I can to provide. I know Gladstone residents are busy people, so thank you but Don't steal! Get your Snap your EBT if you gotta eat, don't take my stuff, don't take my hard earned money.  God bless you!"

Still Olivia Wendell another resident also mentioned that they and their family are part of a Gladstone neighbor watch and vigilante group, despite not being licensed or part of any official neighborhood watch community.

"I'm not scared of no gun, violence, or thieves," the resident said. "I'm from here , and I was raised here. We've been through all of that and graduated. Nowadays, we do what we do for my little ones, so hit us up for whatever, gigs, help, IDC. It's not about money, just helping people around our surroundings and protecting."

Some have speculated the recent rise in crime could be spill over from the surrounding Kansas City, considering that the KCPD is short staffed due to defunding. Gladstone Police are doing all they can to keep up say that during this crime wave residents of Gladstone are encouraged to take precautions to protect themselves and their property, and to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity in their neighborhood.