North Kansas City Chosen as Finalist for Royals Stadium Location

In a surprising turn of events, the new Royals Stadium selection process has reached its final stages, leaving many onlookers astounded. Amid doubts of its inclusion, the underdog North Kansas City (NKC) has emerged as one of the two locations vying for the coveted spot, alongside Downtown's East Village site. However, as this development unfolds, questions loom regarding the absence of a public vote and the input of the County government.

According to a report by Fox4, the Kansas City Royals have indeed shortlisted the East Village and a South Armour Road location in North Kansas City as the potential stadium sites. Yet, one cannot help but wonder if a vote ought to precede such a consequential decision. Surely, the County government's perspective should be factored in as well. Seeking clarity, we reached out to Clay County Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte, who revealed that the matter has not been subject to any discussion or debate thus far. November appears to be the earliest opportunity for a ballot measure to be initiated, if at all, he stated. 

Even the most optimistic observers have reservations about the potential traffic congestion that may result from the selected stadium location. Considering the minimal economic development observed around the previous Kaufman Stadium over the past four decades, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that NKC's expectations of an economic boost will be realized. Admittedly, local food and drinking establishments may experience some increase in business, but the historical evidence suggests caution.

Moreover, one cannot overlook the detrimental impact that the Truman sports complex has had on property values neighboring it. A quick glance at the untouched woodlands adjacent to Arrowhead and Kaufman Stadiums serves as a stark reminder of the failed promises of development that have persisted for years.

As the final decision on the new Royals Stadium draws near, the future remains uncertain. Will the absence of a public vote compromise the legitimacy of the process? Will NKC's hopes for an economic upswing be met, or will history repeat itself? These are the questions that hang in the air, underscoring the significance. 
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Anonymous said…
I believe the downtown site was and is the preferred site all along.

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