ROAD RAGE MURDER: Plate County Prosecutor Brings Charges

"DEADLY DISPUTE: Gunfire erupts after minor fender bender, leaving one dead in Northmoor, Missouri"
In a shocking turn of events, tragedy struck on June 2, 2023, when a seemingly ordinary fender bender escalated into a deadly confrontation in Northmoor, Missouri. The Platte County Prosecutor's Office wasted no time in filing charges against the alleged perpetrator, Phillip J. Frazier, in the death of Cody J. Steffen.

According to eyewitnesses, chaos ensued after Frazier's vehicle collided with Steffen's near a local business. In the aftermath of the accident, Steffen, a victim desperate for insurance information, approached Frazier. Little did he know that this encounter would prove fatal. Witnesses vividly recall the horrifying moment when Frazier, seemingly nonchalant, retrieved a handgun from the small of his back. Shockingly, the gun still had a holster on it, which the defendant swiftly removed before aiming it directly at Steffen. Without hesitation, Frazier fired a fatal shot from an incredibly close range, extinguishing Steffen's life in an instant.

Thanks to the swift response and collaboration between Platte County deputies, officers of the Riverside Police Department, and the Northmoor and Riverside police departments, justice was served promptly. Frazier was apprehended shortly after the shooting by a vigilant Riverside Police Officer, ensuring that he could no longer pose a threat to society.

Prosecutor Eric Zahnd, deeply disturbed by the frequency of such tragedies, expressed his concern, stating, "This is the kind of tragedy that is occurring far too frequently these days. Someone is dead from gunfire after a minor fender bender. Fortunately, thanks to an excellent joint investigation by the Northmoor and Riverside police departments and the Platte County Sheriff's Office, this defendant was quickly apprehended and charged."

Sheriff Mark Owen echoed Zahnd's sentiment, emphasizing the devastating impact of such incidents on communities. "The loss of life in situations like this is something we never want to see. This type of incident impacts not just the friends and families of those involved but the whole community. Thanks to the willingness of citizens to assist in the investigation, the cooperation between law enforcement agencies, and our collective efforts, this defendant was quickly taken into custody."

Frazier now faces grave charges of 2nd Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action. Currently held without bond at the Platte County Detention Center, he will have to confront the weight of these accusations. 


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