Gladstone Enterprise Rent a Car Faces Allegations of Unfair Practices and Unexpected Repair Bills


Gladstone, MO - Disturbing reports have emerged from the Gladstone community, as several individuals have come forward with claims of being hit with unexpected repair bills from the Enterprise Rent a Car on North Oak Trafficway after returning their rental vehicles in seemingly pristine condition. What's even more alarming is that these charges are being levied without any prior communication or warning from the rental company, leaving customers baffled and frustrated.

Among those who have experienced this unsettling situation is local resident Jason Russell, who recently shared his troubling experience. According to Mr. Russell, this isn't an isolated case but rather a widespread issue faced by many customers who choose not to purchase Enterprise's insurance package on top of their daily rental fee.

He warned fellow renters, "You need to take your own photos with time stamps when you pick up and drop off the vehicle. This includes documenting the gas level and mileage before and after your rental period. Enterprise has allegedly resorted to falsely claiming vehicle damages, exceeding agreed-upon mileage limits, and accusing customers of returning the cars with an empty tank when they were full at pickup."

Mr. Russell further revealed that the rental agreement includes a clause stating that Enterprise has the right to charge customers exorbitant fees, up to $7 per gallon, for any gas they didn't replenish. He recounted an incident where they were wrongfully billed for smoking in a convertible, despite being non-smokers and having driven with the top down throughout their rental.

Becki Graham, another Gladstone resident, shared a similar sentiment, stating that her family had a nightmarish encounter with Enterprise at the same location in the past. Since then, she has adopted the practice of taking pictures and videos during both pickup and return processes whenever she rents a vehicle, ensuring she has evidence to protect herself from any unfounded charges.

Carrie Scheets, yet another disgruntled customer, asserted that she fought back when Enterprise attempted to bill her for pre-existing damages. She emphasized the importance of renting vehicles without any damages and always recording the condition of the car through visual documentation.

Tyson Krout, hailing from Meadowbrook, also chimed in, recounting how Enterprise charged him for miscellaneous expenses after an accident. He urged others to document everything meticulously, stating that the company would seize any opportunity to levy additional fees.

The allegations against Enterprise Rent a Car have spread far and wide, extending beyond the Gladstone area. Brenda Howe, from Parkville, MO, expressed her frustration with Enterprise's behavior in handling insurance claims, while David Krane from The Trails accused the company of increasing the rental cost without justification.

Ed Sloan, based in Kansas City, MO, had an unfortunate experience where Enterprise failed to provide a reserved car and refused to offer a replacement, even with numerous vehicles in their lot.

My encourages Enterprise Rent a Car to respond on these allegations in the comments section below. As of the time of publication, the company has not responded.

These unsettling stories serve as a warning to anyone renting from Enterprise Rent a Car to be vigilant, documenting every aspect of their rental experience. The lack of transparency and sudden appearance of repair bills have left customers feeling deceived and frustrated, urging others to think twice before renting from the company.

As investigations continue into these alleged practices, consumers are advised to exercise caution and explore alternative rental options to avoid potential headaches and unexpected charges.


Anonymous said…
It’s not just the Gladstone Enterprise. This practice is common at all their locations.