The Feasibility of the Northland, Succeding from Kansas City.

Over the years, the Northland area of Kansas City has been grappling with the consequences of decisions made by the city's administration, particularly under Mayor Quinton Lucas. One contentious issue that has come to the forefront is police defunding, which has had a significant impact on the Kansas City Police Department's (KCPD) ability to effectively address crime. As a result, limited patrols have been focused on the city core, leading to a surge in petty crime and panhandlers in the Northland region. In light of these challenges, some citizens are questioning whether Northland should separate from Kansas City and form its own entity, the new City of Northland, Missouri. This essay will delve into the feasibility of such a move and explore the potential benefits it could offer to the community.

Police Defunding and its Consequences

The concept of police defunding, which gained traction across the nation in recent years, aimed to redirect funds from law enforcement agencies towards social programs and community resources. While the intention behind this movement was to address systemic issues, it has faced criticism for its unintended consequences. In Kansas City, under Mayor Quinton Lucas, the KCPD experienced a reduction in funding, which led to a reevaluation of their priorities and resource allocation.

Many Kansas City police officers live north of the river. Even with many police living in the Northland, the highest support for secession comes on asking to take the tax money to expand the Platte and Clay County sheriff departments to cover down for the lack of KCPD presence. On any given day, there are no more than 2-4 patrol officers across the entire Northland, 

As resources dwindled, the KCPD was forced to concentrate their limited patrols in the city core, where crime rates were historically higher. While this approach might have curbed crime in the city center, it inadvertently left the Northland area vulnerable to an uptick in criminal activities. The diminished police presence in the Northland has emboldened petty criminals, leading to a surge in property crimes, theft, and harassment.

Impact on Northland Community

The consequences of limited patrols in the Northland region have been felt deeply by its residents and business owners. Previously, Northland was known for its safe neighborhoods and vibrant communities. However, the recent surge in crime has eroded the sense of security among its residents and businesses, making it less attractive for potential investors and new residents.

Beyond the increase in petty crime, another visible issue that has emerged in the Northland area is the rise in panhandlers and homelessness. With limited law enforcement presence, panhandlers have become more prevalent in public spaces, often leading to public disturbances and concerns about public safety. The situation has further deteriorated as the city's support services struggled to keep up with the growing homeless population. With its own government, the Northland could prioritize social programs and initiatives to address homelessness and support vulnerable populations effectively.

Given the challenges faced by the Northland area of Kansas City, some community members have begun discussing the possibility of seceding and creating the new city of Northland, Missouri. This hypothetical move would aim to address the unique needs of the region and regain control over its governance and public safety.
As an independent city, Northland could establish its local government, providing residents with more direct control over decision-making processes that directly impact their lives.

By having its own police force, the Northland could allocate resources to focus on the specific needs of the region, leading to improved safety and a more responsive approach to community concerns.

Establishing the Northland as a separate city may attract businesses and investors who were previously deterred by rising crime rates. A safer and more secure environment could create a conducive atmosphere for economic growth.

Challenges and Considerations

While the idea of secession may seem appealing to some, there are several challenges and considerations to address.

Establishing a new city requires significant financial resources to run administrative functions, public services, and infrastructure.

The process of secession would necessitate negotiations between Northland and Kansas City to allocate shared resources fairly.

Creating a separate identity and fostering unity within the Northland community would be crucial for the success of the new city.

The feasibility of the Northland area of Kansas City succeeding as the new City of Northland, Missouri, is a complex issue that requires careful consideration of the benefits and challenges involved but one that needs to happen if Northlanders continue to receive sub standard city services. We must make the efforts that such a decision would demand, conducting meticulous planning, negotiation, and financial investment to ensure the well-being and prosperity of the Northland and its residents.


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