Mayor Lucas Denying Northland Representation on KCATA Transportation Board

Per reporting by KCTV5 and Fox4 News, it seems like there is a dispute regarding the appointment process for the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) board members, particularly for Clay and Platte counties. According to the state statute, these counties are supposed to submit three nominees each, and the Mayor of Kansas City, Quinton Lucas, is supposed to choose from those nominees.

However, according to Clay County Commissioner Jerry Nolte, the mayor did not follow this process in the spring. Instead, Mayor Lucas appointed individuals who were not nominated by Clay and Platte Counties. This situation has raised concerns by Nolte and Platte County Commissioner Scott Fricker.

Disputes over board appointments can be significant because they can impact transportation planning and decisions in the region. Lucas is not working together to resolve these issues and ensure that the board appointments are made in accordance with the state statute to maintain transparency and accountability in the decision-making process. If there is an ongoing issue or disagreement, legal or procedural avenues may need to be explored to address the concerns raised by the commissioners. The appointment dispute between Clay County and Platte County commissioners and the Mayor of Kansas City, particularly regarding the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) board, does imply the secession of Northland Kansas City from the rest of Kansas City proper is warranted.

Secession is a complex and legally intricate process that typically requires a substantial amount of support, including legislative approval and often a public vote. While disputes over local governance and representation can lead to tensions and discussions about various options, such as forming independent municipalities or seeking greater autonomy, it's important to note that these situations are usually resolved through negotiation, legal procedures, and, in some cases, changes to existing statutes or agreements. Lucas has shown that he does not value this.

Whether or not any specific area decides to secede would depend on various factors, including the will of the residents, legal requirements, and the outcome of negotiations and discussions among local governments and stakeholders. It is not uncommon for local governments to have disagreements and disputes, but secession is a significant step and should be taken. It would require a thorough examination of the legal and practical implications involved, those being that Kansas City continues to Disenfranchise the Northland