Local Tamale Vendor's Last Week in Gladstone Area: Will They Return?

Tamales enthusiasts and foodies in the Gladstone area may be wondering if a beloved local couple who have been selling tamales near the Vivion Road post office on Sundays are still in business or if they've relocated to a different spot. This question has sparked numerous inquiries and discussions in the local community, as residents are eager to enjoy these delicious, homemade tamales once again.

This lil rock has learned from the couple that this was going to be their last week selling tamales in the area. They plan to take a break for the next 5 or 6 months. The tamale vendors typically set up their stall on Vivion Road on Saturdays and Antioch Road on Sundays. However, they occasionally explore other locations. They added that they would be gone until spring, as they head to Mexico for the winter. This lil rock endorses their tamales as "the best."

A local resident, Cru Cavner, chimed in with an alternative suggestion, mentioning that the gas station on Highway 9 toward Parkville offers chicken tamales that are worth trying. Meanwhile, others in the community shared ideas for finding tamales, including checking out Mexican restaurants that sell them by the dozen, or turning to local entrepreneurs like Jimmy Peña, who offers a variety of Mexican specialties.

So, while it appears that the local tamales couple is taking a hiatus from their regular spot near the Vivion Road post office, there are several other options for those in the Gladstone area who are craving these tasty treats. Whether you decide to wait for the couple's return in the spring or explore other local options, it's clear that the love for tamales in the community is strong, and residents are willing to support one another in their culinary endeavors.


Anonymous said…
Jimmy Pena makes delicious tamales