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Community Reservations About Proposed Concert Venue in Riverside

The proposed Live Nation amphitheater near 635/Horizon Parkway in Riverside is currently in the analysis and preliminary site work stage. The venue, if constructed, would be situated on 125 acres on the southeast corner of the Horizons Industrial Park. It's expected to have a capacity of around 15,000 seats, surpassing several other open-air venues, including the Starlight Theatre.

Residents are concerned about noise and hours of operation and how this will affect property values. The article below says this may rival Starlight. City officials are aware of the potential impact on the community, particularly concerning noise and its effects on neighboring businesses and residences. They are actively considering ways to minimize these impacts, and the city has been updating its comprehensive plan to ensure the project aligns with best practices.

The project is primarily slated to be funded by private sources, with the city owning the ground for the 125-acre project and receiving some state funding. While there's optimism about the project, officials caution that it's not a done deal, and its feasibility will become clearer before the end of the year.

If the project moves forward as planned, construction of the amphitheater is expected to take about a year and a half.

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