Seedy Hipsters Destroying the Kansas City Rent Market?

Today, I am wondering if Northland Mom and Pop rental owners should be afraid. 

So, here's the scoop: the citywide tenant union, KC Tenants, with the backing of Mayor Quinton Lucas (because who needs affordable housing when you can have a good ol' tenant-landlord tiff?), is achieved a daring maneuver.

They successfully passed an ordinance to prevent landlords from rejecting potential tenants based on trivialities like credit history, prior evictions, criminal background, or that oh-so-insignificant detail, the source of income. The nerve!

According to local landlord associations, this proposed ordinance isn't a beacon of justice; it's a harbinger of doom. They claim it will send mom-and-pop landlords packing, selling their properties to big, heartless corporations. Because, you know, landlords would rather abandon ship than deal with the inconvenience of treating tenants fairly.

In a nutshell, the proposed ordinance is a threat to the delicate sensibilities of landlords, who only want the best – or rather, the most financially stable – tenants. So, buckle up, Kansas City, for a riveting battle between justice-seeking tenants and the valiant defenders of discriminating landlords. The fate of affordable housing hangs in the balance – or so they say! Tony Botello Covers it below:

18 hours ago — In a historic move, KC Tenants and Mayor Quinton Lucas have introduced an ordinance in Kansas City to ban 'Source of Income Discrimination' in ...