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Clay County Commissioner Withington Endorses Tax-Delinquent Candidate

Clay County Commissioner Jason Withington Endorses Tax-Delinquent Kelly Kobylski for Smithville Alderman Ward 1

In a surprising turn of events, Clay County Commissioner Jason Withington has publicly endorsed Smithville Councilwoman Kelly Kobylski for Alderman Ward 1, despite recent revelations regarding her significant delinquency on property taxes.

The endorsement from Commissioner Withington has sparked debate within the community, with many questioning the commissioner's judgment in supporting a candidate with such significant financial discrepancies. Some residents argue that endorsing a tax-delinquent candidate undermines the principles of accountability and transparency that are vital in public office.

Kelly Kobylski

Furthermore, Jason Withington's endorsement raises concerns about the message it sends to the constituents of Smithville. By publicly backing Kobylski, Withington may be perceived as condoning or overlooking her financial mismanagement, which could erode trust in his own leadership.

Commissioner Withington's endorsement came through a social media post where he expressed his support for Kobylski, stating, "It's sad that I have to make this post, but silly season is alive and well for one candidate in #Smithville. I am supporting Kelly Kobylski for Alderman Ward 1! No, I never said I would support her opponent."

However, Withington's endorsement raises eyebrows as it comes at a time when Kobylski is under scrutiny for owing over $7,000 in delinquent taxes for the years 2022 and 2023. Despite repeated attempts to reach Kobylski for comment, she has yet to respond to inquiries regarding her tax troubles.

Kobylski's involvement in a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Committee further complicates the matter. As a member of this committee, she played a role in providing tax relief to a local business entity, while allegedly neglecting her own tax obligations.

As the election draws nearer, voters in Smithville must carefully consider the implications of Kobylski's tax troubles and Commissioner Withington's endorsement. The future of their community hinges on electing candidates who demonstrate integrity, fiscal responsibility, and a commitment to serving the best interests of the residents.

The endorsement by Commissioner Withington adds a new layer of complexity to an already contentious election cycle, highlighting the importance of thorough vetting and accountability in the political process.

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My Gladstone made attempts on February 5th and 6th to reach Ms. Kobylski for comment, but the candidate has yet to respond. Commissioner Withington was reached for this story and confirmed that he was endorsing Ms. Kobylski however he declined to provide any further comment.

Clay County Commissioner Jason Withington's endorsement of Kelly Kobylski for Alderman Ward 1 can be found on his social media account.

For further details regarding Kelly Kobylski's property tax delinquency, refer to the Clay County Property search website here: Below is a snapshot of Ms. Kobylski's property tax payments. The assessments in which the full amounts were not paid are highlighted.  As you can see Ms. Kobylski was delinquent as recently as last November. 

We have made the delinquent tax notice available here.