Homeless Camps in the Northland: A Paradise for Urban Adventurers

Liberty, MO—Nestled charmingly behind the bustling shopping hubs and cozy apartment complexes lie two of Kansas City’s most sought-after residential locations—Homeless Camp #1 and Homeless Camp #2, where the city's vibrant and diverse homeless community have set up their abodes.

Conveniently located on the Kansas city side of I-35 near Liberty, MO, these camps offer breathtaking views of the interstate, providing a soothing soundtrack of endless traffic. Homeless Camp #1, strategically positioned behind and north of Target, boasts NE Flintlock Road as its main border, offering easy access to retail therapy for those needing a quick pick-me-up after a long day of dumpster diving.

But wait, there’s more! Homeless Camp #2, south of Sam’s Club and White Oak Apartments, is a hidden gem with NE Flintlock Road as its western boundary. It’s a prime spot for those who enjoy a sense of community and the occasional midnight serenade of car alarms.

Residents of nearby apartments are thrilled about the growing community spirit, with reports of spontaneous property exchanges and impromptu treasure hunts for missing items. “It’s like a modern-day scavenger hunt,” remarked one enthusiastic local, “you never know what you’ll find missing next!”

However, the local authorities have been less enthusiastic about these developments. Concerns have been raised about the homeless community's audacious habit of "shopping" at nearby properties, leading to some residents experiencing the heart-pounding thrill of discovering their belongings in new and unexpected locations.

In a heartwarming gesture of solidarity, One wonders what Mayor "Q Ball" Lucas will do in response to the growing problem. Perhaps he will suggest following the esteemed tradition of NYC squatters’ rights, advocating for the eviction of property owners to make room for the true pioneers of urban exploration. Ah, Mayor Quinton Lucas—the valiant guardian of Kansas City’s streets, the beacon of hope for its citizens. Will he rise to the occasion and tackle the burgeoning homeless camps dotting the city’s landscape?

In a city where every pothole warrants a town hall meeting and every squirrel crossing the road prompts a city-wide emergency, surely Mayor Lucas has already donned his cape and sprung into action, right?

Well, not exactly. While the good mayor may be busy pondering the intricacies of Kansas City’s barbecue scene or perfecting his selfie game for Instagram, the issue of homeless camps seems to have slipped through the cracks.

But fear not, dear citizens, for hope springs eternal. Perhaps a strongly worded tweet or a carefully crafted press release will soon herald the dawn of a new era in Kansas City’s homeless policy. Until then, let us bask in the warm glow of civic inaction, knowing that somewhere out there, a homeless camp is flourishing under the watchful gaze of Mayor Quinton Lucas.

Moreover, there are calls for recognizing the valuable contributions of the homeless community through federal tax incentives. After all, why should the burden of funding public services fall solely on the shoulders of the middle class? As one impassioned advocate put it, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Or was it Karl Marx? Either way, it’s a sentiment worth considering while sipping artisanal lattes in the comfort of one's suburban enclave.

First off everyone needs to stop giving people their spare change and money because someone holds up a cardboard note begging. There are tons of organizations out there, services and shelters are out there but people have to help themselves and want to make that change and many don’t want to do it. It sucks for people who live in those apartments, stay vigilant theft is prevalent everywhere.

Amidst the chaos and excitement, residents are urged to remain vigilant. “Don’t leave your car unlocked, unless you’re feeling generous,” advises one savvy inhabitant. And if you happen to stumble upon a homeless camp during your leisurely evening stroll, remember, it’s not trash—it’s avant-garde street art.

In conclusion, Kansas City’s homeless camps aren’t just places to live; they’re vibrant communities brimming with opportunity and adventure. So, grab your walking stick and join the expedition—it’s a jungle out there, and every discarded soda can is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

By Josiah Bechthold


Liberty and Gladstone have mayor’s what are their thoughts on the homeless camps and how to remove them
Liberty and Gladstone have mayors what is their plan to remove homeless camps