Mayor Lucas Apologizes for Doxing Butker over Misogyny and Homophobia Speech

By Brice McCuiston

In a surprising turn of events, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker has managed to upstage himself in the ongoing stadium talks. While most local leaders were busy weighing the pros and cons of stadium locations, Butker decided to take center stage with a commencement speech at Benedictine College that left jaws dropping and eyes rolling faster than a botched field goal attempt. As a traditionalist Catholic Butker gave a speech at a traditionalist Catholic College and he shockingly dared to reaffirm traditional Catholic values on social issues and the family.

However, Mayor Q-Ball, always eager to virtue signal, was forced to walk back his condemnation of Butker when he doxed Butker by revealing his address in a tweet. Mayor Q-Ball's reaction, initially condemning Butker and then backtracking, reflects the delicate balance between freedom of speech and the responsibilities that come with being a public figure. With Butker's Jersey sales thru the roof, we give him the edge, with the Hunts stating that they "respect his religious views", Mahomes coping out, Kelce staying silent, other teammates in full support of him. Despite the NFL issuing a lukewarm "His views are not those of the NFL" rebuttal, this lil rock predicts Butker aint getting canceled anytime soon. Was this a cynical ploy? either way, Butker is making bank. Butker 1, Woke Mob, 0.

Butker is brilliant. His statement puts him in good standing with the Hunt family and makes him even more famous. I don't agree with him 100% but I like that kid. He is smart. He is at the top of his game, good looking, All American boy from the Midwest. This may put him up there with Kelce type of endorsements. But I do hope he and Kelce don't have problem now that they are on opposite sides of the track.

4 hours ago — — Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas apologized Wednesday night for a social media post made on the city's official X account about ...
7 hours ago — The mayor of Kansas City apologized Wednesday for a post ... account, that appeared to be critical of Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker.

Butker, known for his skills on the field and apparently his lack thereof in social awareness, took it upon himself to deliver a 20-minute tirade against everything from working women to LGBTQ+ rights. Because who needs progress when you have a soapbox, right?

“It is safe to say that over the years, I have gained quite the reputation for speaking my mind,” Butker reportedly declared before diving headfirst into a cesspool of outdated stereotypes and regressive rhetoric.

Butker bemoaned an erosion of traditional Catholic values in daily life, claiming that things like “abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia as well as a growing support for degenerate cultural values and media” come from “the pervasiveness of disorder.”

He criticized Biden for proclaiming his Catholic faith while being “delusional enough to make the sign of the cross during a pro-abortion rally,” accusing the president of making it appear “that you can be both Catholic and pro-choice.”

Butker told the women in the class that they’d been told “diabolical lies” about pursuing careers, and that his and his family’s success is a result of his wife’s focus on being a wife and mother, claiming that “her life truly started when she began living her vocation as a wife and as a mother.”

The cherry on top? Butker decided to sprinkle in some Taylor Swift lyrics, because nothing says "inspiring graduation speech" like quoting pop songs, am I right?

Butker's speech hit all the high notes of disillusionment with modern life  including bashing Pride Month for the stupidity that it is, implying that celebrating love and acceptance is somehow a bad thing, and reminding women that their greatest aspiration should be to stay at home and pop out babies. Because, you know, forget about careers or personal fulfillment. Who needs those when you have a kitchen to tend to?

Naturally, the backlash was as swift as one of Butker's field goals. Social media erupted in a frenzy of condemnation, with even the staunchest Chiefs fans struggling to defend their kicker's verbal fumble.

Former county commissioner Justice Horn summed it up nicely, saying Butker "did a bang-up job of becoming one of the most hated men in North America in the space of one 20-minute speech full of bigotry and misogyny."

But hey, at least Butker managed to unite people from all walks of life in their collective disgust, right? While this lil rock has no desire to revert to social customs of the mid 20th century, it seems that KC chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker does live that lifestyle of traditional family mores where the rainbow never shines, pride is a sin and father knows best for mother and children. One might expect this from an aging baby boomer. But Butker is a Gen Zer. How did the woke revolution fail to indoctrinate him? We wish we could say he was a fringe character, but alas he is not. One need look no further than Alt right philosopher Jordan Peterson's army following the simple rules for life to explain Butker. Butker was busy urging young men to “be unapologetic in your masculinity” and “fight against the cultural emasculation of men.”

KC LGBT activist noted that " Harrison Butker doesn’t represent Kansas City nor has he ever. Kansas City has always been a place that welcomes, affirms, and embraces our LGBTQ+ community members." But how sure can we be of that ? This lil rock for one thinks that Butker is more representative of Kansas City than is generally given credit. What is certain is that there are a number of aimless young men left behind in today's egalitarian economy, living in their divorced mom's basement, playing video games and jacking off to broadband internet porn. Are they waking up now and making their bed and looking to Butker as a role model? How do we know that these young gen Z men are not disillusioned with this brave new world?

Furthermore, it seems the Chiefs have been warned that Butker's verbal diarrhea could cost them Jackson County support for team funding if they dont do something about him. But at the same time the state legislature in Jeff City will no doubt punish the Chiefs if they do dare to fire him. Because who needs the goodwill of the community when you have a kicker who's as adept at alienating people as he is at booting footballs? But so far the Chiefs are staying quiet on firing Butker in this catch-22 they find themselves in.

But fear not, dear readers, for there are those who seek to defend Butker's verbal acrobatics. Take, for instance, local radio talker Pete Mundo, who astutely pointed out that apparently, Butker putting God and family before career is more offensive to the media than, you know, actual dangerous behavior like his fellow team mate Rashee Rice speeding on the freeway endangering lives.

But let's be real here: trying to defend Butker's verbal vomit is like trying to defend a touchdown celebration that involves kicking puppies. It just doesn't fly. That being said, this lil rock has a piece of advice. Keep Butker right where he is at, on the field. Strike him down now and he can only grow more powerful than we ever imagined. Dont give him a chance to become a martyr. Canceling is for losers.

So here's to you, Harrison Butker, for reminding us all that even in the midst of stadium negotiations, there's always time for a little misogyny and homophobia. You truly are a beacon of Free Speech in an otherwise fading progressive world.

29 minutes ago  But Hunt said she respects the Super Bowl winner's Christian ... Chiefs CEO, respects Harrison Butker's Christian faith amid speech drama | Fox ...

By Josiah Bechthold


HB Supporter said…
Literally everything you you said is nothing more than your biased opinion. If you read or listen to his speech he doesn't specifically can out and group.
Liberty man said…
Quite biased opinion ! Unfair comment. Terribly defamatory, incorrect and dramatized. The bit about hampering any negotiations is strictly ex anus. The vast majority of the MO Legislature agrees with Harrison. You are are not a legitimate blogger.
HB fan!! said…
HB has made me respect him even more. I applaud him for speaking out.
Anonymous said…
HB is a brace soul, and you, whoemever you are writing this drivel - should be ashamed of yourself.
Anonymous said…
Last time I checked, we are supposed to be living in a free Countey. Fire someone for their opinions but not for illegal activities (Rice). If you are a Christian person, God, family come first. I applaud him for standing up for his beliefs. BTW, don't have a family if your career is #1!
Anonymous said…
He made this speech about his own belief’s instead of the graduate’s accomplishments. His controversial beliefs should not have been in a speech for these graduates.
KDunn said…
What does Doxing mean?
Liberty man said…
1. Anon: Most Commencement addresses include remarks about what the future may/ should bring. Not just his beliefs but that of Benedictine College where he was speaking.His beliefs are only controversial to those who don't agree with him. Perhaps, those who don't like Catholics or other christians-followers of Jesus Christ.
2. KDunn : Doxxing is the release or suppyling of personal information about someone. Usually (always? the some one is public figure The information released can include home address, phone #'s, email addresses, spouses names and jobs, childrens names and schools, etc. Activists hen use this info to picket residences, places of businesses ,send hate mail etc