EXTRA! EXTRA! New Faces on the Gladstone City Council!


EXTRA! EXTRA! The 2023 Gladstone, Missouri city council single district at large elections have come to a close, and the results are in! MyGladStone.com has all the juicy details on the five candidates who vied for a seat on the council.

In a closely contested race, Tina Spallo emerged as the frontrunner with 1,304 votes, or 35.43 percent. Spallo, a local business owner, campaigned on a platform of economic development and job creation, promising to work closely with local businesses to boost the city's economy and to invest in infrastructure improvements. With her win, she's poised to make good on her promises and usher in a new era of prosperity for Gladstone.

Coming in a close second was Les Smith, with 1,208 votes, or 32.83 percent. Smith, a longtime council member, had focused his campaign on issues like public safety and improving city services. He had promised to work hard for the people of Gladstone and to ensure that their voices were heard. Although he fell just short of the top spot, He will still keep his spot on the council as the top two finishers fill the two spots up for election this cycle.
his experience and dedication to public service are sure to continue making a positive impact on the community.

Meanwhile, in third place was Sarita Graham, with 495 votes, or 13.45 percent. Graham, a community organizer, campaigned on a platform of social justice and environmentalism, promising to fight for policies that would benefit marginalized communities and to prioritize sustainability in city planning. Although she didn't emerge as the victor in this race, her message of equity and sustainability has resonated with many in the community.

In fourth place was Cody McElroy, with 349 votes, or 9.48 percent. McElroy, a local firefighter, campaigned on public safety and improving emergency services, promising to work closely with first responders and to ensure that Gladstone residents felt safe and secure in their community.

Finally, in fifth place, was Mike Ebenroth, with 324 votes, or 8.80 percent. Ebenroth, a retired teacher, campaigned on a platform of education and community engagement, promising to work closely with schools and to involve residents in decision-making processes.

As the dust settles on the election, it's clear that Spallo and Smith will be the new faces on the Gladstone city council. It remains to be seen how they will work together to address the city's challenges and to build a brighter future for its residents. MyGladStone.com will be following their progress closely, so stay tuned for more updates on this developing story!


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