Your Weekly News Roundup-

Gladstone Police Department Under Audit, is Emphatic That Police Defunding Won't Happen

Platte County Landmark Building Sold, Oldest Newspaper in KC Metro Moving

Seedy Hipsters Destroying the Kansas City Rent Market?

Clay County Commission Freezes Taxes for Senior Citizens

Clay County Commission Approves Senior Citizen Tax Freeze

Ice Skating Rink: Now Open at Zona Rosa Shopping Center

Bobcat Sighting Sparks Concerns for Pets and Hikers Near I-435 and 152 HWY

Was Christianity the "woke" movement of the Ancient Rome?

Wokeism is nothing but rebranded secular Christianity.

Developer's Grand Plan for Northland Industrial Park: Because Who Needs Privacy or Property Values Anyway?

Local Community Unites Against Online Creeper

Does Jackson County Dysfunction Make Clay County Royals Stadium Site More Likely?

Coyote Concert Startles Northland Residents

Missouri's One Year Weed Anniversary!