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Some Gladstone Residents are Experiencing 2nd Week with No Trash Pickup.

 Gladstone, Missouri has recently experienced a disruption in its trash pickup services due to the winter storms and holidays. This has caused a buildup of garbage in the streets and has become a major issue for residents. Gladstone resident Alyson Craig had this to say "...when I say that I mean my republic services recycling bin is full and I have 6 55 gallon bags full of recycling sitting in my garage and I’m just getting frustrated that I’m paying for a service that isn’t being completed and I am sure as hell not going to pay 3.50 a bag for extra pickup when it isn’t my fault for having the overflow"

The winter storms that have hit the area have made it difficult for trash trucks to safely navigate the roads and collect the garbage. In addition, the holidays have caused a delay in pickup schedules, as many trash collection companies operate on a reduced schedule during these times.

The lack of trash pickup has not only been a nuisance for residents, but it has also posed potential health and safety risks. Garbage that is left in the streets for extended periods of time can attract pests, such as rats and flies, which can carry diseases. In addition, the accumulation of garbage can lead to unsanitary conditions and an unpleasant living environment.

To combat this issue, Gladstone officials have encouraged residents to properly store their trash and to refrain from placing it in the streets until it can be collected. In addition, the city has implemented temporary measures, such as extending the pickup schedule and increasing the number of trucks in operation, to try and catch up on the backlog of garbage.

Despite these efforts, city officials say that it is important for Gladstone residents to continue to be patient and understanding during this time. The winter storms and holidays have presented unforeseen challenges for the trash collection services, but they are working diligently to resolve the issue. In the meantime, the city of Gladstone contends that it is important for residents to do their part in properly storing and disposing of their trash to help mitigate the problem