"After Years of Neglect, 96th Street in the Newmark Neighborhood Receives Much-Needed Repaving and Maintenance"

Residents of the Newmark neighborhood north of Gladstone, Missouri, are celebrating a long-overdue victory as 96th Street, once notorious for its potholes and patchwork, is finally undergoing a much-needed repaving.

In addition to the resurfacing efforts, local authorities have dispatched street sweepers to rid the area of pesky gum tree balls that have been a persistent source of frustration for the community. "I've lived here for 22 years and don't think I've ever seen a street sweeper in the neighborhood until today," remarked one resident.

This recent development has been met with enthusiastic approval from the local populace, who have long complained about the hazardous conditions of the street. "Patch upon patch upon patch! About time they put our tax dollars to work," exclaimed another resident. However it is useful to keep this in mind. Pavement needs to be placed when temperatures are above a certain temperature. If they would do it now, in cold spring temps, it would be in worse shape and your money would have been spent for nothing. This is also partially why when those "I have a little asphalt left over from a job" people come around the asphalt does not stand up to regular driveway usage until later in the season.

As the repaving and maintenance work continues, the community looks forward to safer and smoother roads, marking a positive step towards a brighter future for Gladstone.