Polls Show Mayor Lucas Losing Kansas City Northland.


A recent poll conducted in Kansas City has revealed a significant opposition to the city's mayor, Q Ball,  in the Northland region. The polling results have been taken from a diverse range of voters, not just limited to Northland residents but also to frequent voters throughout Kansas City.

The polling results show a clear indication of the public's sentiments about the city's future. A significant number of 41% feel that Kansas City is going in the wrong direction, while 40% of the respondents have an unfavorable view of Mayor Q. The majority of 64% of voters do not believe that the Northland is receiving its fair share from the city government.

The results of the poll have come as a significant blow to Mayor Q Ball's administration. The current situation suggests that the Mayor's popularity may be waning in the area. It remains to be seen how the administration responds to the public's concerns and whether it can regain the trust of voters in the Northland and throughout Kansas City.

According to the polling, Mayor Q Ball seems to be falling out of favor with Northland residents, with a whopping 40% of respondents indicating that they have an unfavorable view of him. The polling also reveals that a significant number of Kansas City residents, including those from the Northland, feel cheated by the current administration.

The survey was conducted by a well-respected polling firm and included a diverse group of respondents. It was clear from the results that many residents are deeply concerned about the direction that the city is heading. In fact, 41% of respondents indicated that they feel the city is headed in the wrong direction.

The polling also revealed that a large number of Northland residents feel that they are not getting their fair share from the city government. This is a major issue that Mayor Q Ball will need to address if he wants to maintain any kind of support from this critical demographic.

Perhaps the most significant issue for voters, however, is crime. According to the polling, it ranked as the single most important issue for voters. This is not surprising, given the recent uptick in crime throughout the city, including in the Northland.
In light of these results, it is clear that Mayor Q Ball has some work to do if he wants to maintain his position. He will most likely win a victory over over his laughable opponent Clay Chastain
with his heavy support south of the river. While he may have been able to coast on his popularity in the past, these polling results indicate that he will lose the Northland despite having won the Northland just a few weeks ago in the primary.  What has changed, a sudden wave of crime that has hit the Northland in the last two weeks. Once again, the concerns of the KC Northland will not be taken seriously even it represents the fastest growing area of the city. In the long run this only makes talk of the Norland succeeding more likely. 


Anonymous said…
All the Northland is to QBall is tax dollars. That's all it's ever been since KC started annexing it. I remember it. It was better as small towns...Gashland..Nashua etc. They want the taxes but will give big zero to the people living there
Anonymous said…
Yep. That is why Parkville incorporated before they got there.