Casey's Opening Next Fall

For residents, the news of the old Phillips66 mini-mart at 4400 NE Antioch Rd being bought out by Casey's has been met with great excitement. Although the new Casey's location doesn't have a kitchen yet, the promise of donuts and pizza is enough to get locals eagerly awaiting the opening of the new store.
The Phillips66 mini-mart had been a fixture in the neighborhood for years, but it was time for a change. When Casey's announced that they had purchased the property, residents were hopeful that the new store would bring fresh energy to the area.

As plans for the new store were announced, it became clear that Casey's was going all out to create a new landmark in the community. The old carwash will be torn down, and construction will begin on a brand new building that would be home to the new Casey's location.

Residents are particularly excited about the prospect of donuts and pizza being available at the new store. Casey's is known for their delicious pizza and their freshly made donuts, so it's no surprise that locals are eager to sample these offerings.

Although the store isn't expected to be completed until the fall, anticipation is already building in the community. The new Casey's location is sure to be a popular spot for locals to grab a quick bite to eat or to pick up some groceries.

For anyone who has lived in the Antioch and Vivion area for a while, the arrival of Casey's is a welcome change. The new store promises to bring new life to the neighborhood and to offer residents some delicious new options for food and drink.

As construction on the new building continues, locals are eagerly awaiting the day when they can stop by Casey's for some donuts and pizza. With the promise of a new and improved mini-mart in the neighborhood, it's no wonder that residents are looking forward to what the future holds.