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Don't Wake the Baby! Keep Your Fireworks Down!

A tiny rant from one of our readers... 
"I’m just here to vent. So, if you disagree with me, that’s fine. There’s not a thing I can do about this anyway.

The dang fireworks!! I’m all for fireworks ON the 4th. And even on NYE. But when they just go off without warning, it makes our frantic dog miserable (and unable to use the bathroom) and, I’m sure parents of light sleeper babies don’t appreciate it either. I have a rule in my home that, if YOU wake the baby, YOU rock him back to sleep. So, you pyromaniacs better be prepared to come sit with my baby at midnight when he wakes up because of your fireworks. 🤣

I kid. But, All this to say, owners of pets, parents of small children, and people with serious PTSD (I’m talking people who have seen action and can’t function with the sound of explosions in the distance) don’t appreciate your early ruckus. Fireworks are best enjoyed ON Independence Day when people can adequately prepare themselves for a noisy evening.

Okay. Getting off my soapbox. Thanks for letting me rant for a second. 👍"