Copper Theft Crime Wave Hits Gladstone, Missouri: Impostors Pose as AT&T Workers

Gladstone, Missouri, has been struck by a recent wave of copper thefts, orchestrated by cunning criminals disguised as AT&T workers. These deceptive individuals have been targeting unsuspecting residents, claiming to be tasked with removing old copper wires. However, their intentions seem far from legitimate, as they lack theex Ineproper identification and mark1ed vehicles, leaving concerned citizens questioning their authenticity.

The Suspicious Encounters:

One resident, Kelli, shared her alarming experience when these men showed up at her doorstep without prior notice. Their vehicle lacked any markings, raising immediate red flags. Fearing for her safety, Kelli wisely locked her doors and recorded the encounter. Although the men left without causing harm, her concern remained regarding the potential risk to her pet and belongings.
Community Response:

Fellow residents quickly rallied to support the victims, providing various pieces of advice and encouragement. Some suggested contacting AT&T to confirm the legitimacy of the workers, while others urged to reach out to the local police department for further investigation. This lil rock researched AT&T's program involving retiring old copper lines. It does exist but AT&T will communicate to homeowners beforehand. The reported incidents involve individuals in unmarked SUV' rather than company marked trucks.
Protecting the Community:

As the incidents continued to surface, it became evident that these impostors were targeting more than one household in the area.  Vigilant neighbors emphasized the significance of reporting such activities to the police to combat copper theft, a notorious crime due to the high value of copper in the black market.

Kelli ultimately reached out to the Gladstone Police non-emergency line to report the suspicious individuals. The officer provided assurance and recommended monitoring the situation while also encouraging residents to remain vigilant and report any unusual activities.

Identifying the Culprits:

Opinions among residents varied about the perpetrators' authenticity. While some remained skeptical, believing the men were not from AT&T due to the lack of proper identification, others speculated that they might be independent contractors.
The crime wave of copper thefts orchestrated by disguised impostors posing as AT&T workers has put Gladstone, Missouri, on high alert. Residents, have demonstrated commendable community spirit by promptly reporting the incidents to the police and supporting each other during these unsettling times. In the face of this crime wave, it is crucial for everyone to stay vigilant and work together to protect their neighborhood from such criminal activities. Residents are encouraged to verify the legitimacy of individuals claiming to be utility workers and report any suspicious behavior to the authorities promptly.


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