Northland Swifties Elated at Local “Swelce" Sighting


It is my own opinion that Swift needs to be careful to not become the Yoko Ono that breaks the team this season, if only because it seems that she is proving a distraction. Other than that I wish the couple well, provided Kelce can keep his head in the game. It seems that the couple is enjoying their favorite Northland haunts. (Kelce lives in the Northland). Predictably at least one prominent Northlander politico lost their head on this news.

7 hours ago — The Briarcliff Village restaurant serves Argentinian food in KC's Northland. The Chiefs tight end and singer ate there after Sunday's game.
16 hours ago — " spotted the new couple arriving at Argentine steakhouse Piropos in his Rolls Royce Monday night where they dined for two hours ...