Price Chopper in Gladstone Relocates to Creekwood Common

Gladstone, MO - October 8, 2023

For those who regularly frequented the Price Chopper at Vivion and North Oak in Gladstone, a major change is afoot. The beloved supermarket, a staple of the community for years, has officially closed its doors at its old location as of 6:00 PM on Saturday, October 7. However, shoppers need not worry, as a brand new Price Chopper is set to open its doors just a few miles away in Creekwood Commons (North Oak and Englewood Rd) at 8:00 AM on Wednesday, October 11.

The closure of the old location was met with mixed emotions from local residents who had become accustomed to the convenience and familiarity of the store. Shoppers who hadn't been to the store in recent days were greeted with signs announcing the impending closure and move. This marks a significant transition for Price Chopper enthusiasts who have relied on the store's wide range of groceries and services over the years.

One concern that some patrons might have is related to prescriptions and pharmacy services. For those who regularly use the Price Chopper pharmacy and have prescriptions due for renewal during the four days between the closure of the old store and the opening of the new one, it is advisable to reach out to the pharmacy as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition. Customers may want to inquire about the possibility of picking up their prescription renewals early or transferring them to a nearby pharmacy during this brief period.

The move to Creekwood Commons represents a strategic decision by Price Chopper to provide an improved shopping experience for its customers. The new store is expected to offer a modern and spacious layout, expanded product offerings, and upgraded amenities to enhance the shopping experience.

Local residents are eager to see what the new Price Chopper has in store and are hopeful that the transition will be a seamless one. With the opening of the new location on October 11, residents of Gladstone and surrounding areas will soon have access to a fresh and improved shopping destination for their everyday needs.

In the meantime, for those who find themselves in need of groceries and other essentials, alternative shopping options are available in the vicinity, and Price Chopper patrons are encouraged to explore these options during the brief transition period.

As the countdown to the grand opening of the new Creekwood Commons Price Chopper begins, residents of Gladstone eagerly await the next chapter in their grocery shopping journey, hopeful that it will bring even greater convenience and satisfaction.


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